Thursday, December 09, 2004

Valley of the Dirt People

I remember listening to Kevin and Bean on KROQ 106.7 FM during the summer and how they were making fun of the "909", which is Riverside County. I drive through there everyday. The area code for Riverside County changed to (951) recently because the County did not like the negative connotation of the 909 area code which was constantly made fun of by Kevin and Bean. Those guys kept saying how the 909 was the "Valley of the Dirt People" and made other derogatory comments. The County decided to change the area code as soon as possible. This was the quickest change in an area code ever as noted by the public utilities commission which handles telephone area code changes. I thought that was hilarious. Even if they change the area code, the place is going to be the same. Now, only San Bernardino County retains the 909 area code. This sort of thinking almost reaffirms the redneck image of Riverside County. I'm not saying Riverside County is all that bad. It's the fastest growing county in the United States. I guess, it's because there's no other place to develop. Los Angeles is getting way too crowded. Right now, driving through there is okay because it's winter. During summer, there are some stretches where the putrid stench makes me sick to my stomach. Next to the 60 freeway in Ontario and 15 freeway just below the 60 freeway, there are farms that seem to be raising toxic animals. The most vile and disgusting smells emanate from those farms. I have to drive as fast as possible to get away from that area of puke-inducing stench. I drive through this everyday on my way to work in the Valley of the Dirt People.

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