Thursday, August 30, 2007

World's Strangest Birth Defects

Very interesting.....

The Simpsons Star Wars

Do you like The Simpsons? Do you like Star Wars? Well, have we got a treat for you. Now, you can get both of your favorite flavors combined in this parody. It's The Simpsons Intro with Star Wars characters.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Cycling Misery

I've had 4 bicycle flats in the past 2 days. I got a flat tire before I started riding my bike on Monday morning. Then, I got 3 flats on my way home Tuesday evening. I think they're pinch flats. I also had to fix my aero bar, because the metal part supporting the armrests broke off. A while ago, the left side broke off, and I had to get it welded. Now, the right side broke off, and I went back to the welders again. This time, one of the guys didn't do a good job of welding. He didn't leave the metal smooth, but he left it with these bumps on it from the molten metal. Now, my armrests are a tiny bit uneven. I can't even put my cycle computer there anymore but have to put it the right of my right armrest, which is an awkward position.

I'm going to have to pass on the triathlon for this year, because of all the bad luck I've been having with my bike. The L.A. Triathlon is on September 9. I was going to enter it, but after all the flats and aero bars breaking, I'm going to hold off for now. I plan on training more to get ready for next year's batch of triathlons.

Now, I'm hearing squeaking sounds coming from my crank or rear gears. I think the rough L.A. roads and potholes are taking its toll on my bike.

Hopefully, getting new heavy duty tires will help prevent getting all these flats. I'm still riding on the original Continental Ultra Sport tires that came with the bike. I put about 2,500 miles on it in my estimation and it looks pretty worn already. I have to estimate my mileage because my wireless Topeak cycle computer doesn't always work. It's weird. Well, I plan on getting a new cycle computer with a heart rate monitor and a cadence monitor to help me even more with my training, but those are very expensive.

The problem with getting heavy duty tires and tubes is that they're heavier than my superlight tires. My Motobecane Nemesis triathlon bike is very light, about 15.5 to 17 lbs. With more weight comes slower speeds, because I would need more energy to pedal the heavier weight. And slower speeds suck. I would need to increase my leg's horsepower a lot more to overcome the weight disadvantage.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Japanese Nisei Week

We went to see the festival in Little Tokyo for Nisei Week. We saw a bunch of taiko drummers. It was fun to see and hear them play those huge drums. You can feel the beating of the taikos reverberating in your chest. I just hope that we weren't celebrating the drumming Japan used in their battles, especially against Korea.

Overall, though, we had a good time there, and there was plenty of stuff to see. Mikey played in the kid's jumping area. There were also some fixed up import cars on display. An anime convention was also held a couple blocks away in the mall.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Saturday night, I watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship with Chris and Josh at Leo's All Star Sports Bar. Well, Chris left early but he was nice enough to pay for our tickets. We had to pay $10 to see the fight. They should have told us that when we called.

It was fun watching the fights. George St. Pierre won his match and so did Courture. They had some bloody fights on Saturday. Courter broke Gonzaga's nose and he was bleeding profusely. Watching the UFC makes me want to learn how to fight too...for self-defense reasons only of course. I should have wrestling matches with my friends to practice.

There was this kinda fat woman who kept kissing her boyfriend every few minutes. It was annoying because she blocked the screen when she did that. Also, she was not that attractive looking.

Taste of Lexus 2007

I went to the Taste of Lexus test drive event on Saturday at the Santa Anita race horse track parking lot in Arcadia. As always I got there really early, so I was one of the first ones there, but I had to wait for it to start.

This is my third time going to Taste of Lexus (TOL). This year, they used a new system of reserving the car that you want to test drive using an electronic card. It was easy to use. Since I got there early, I was able to test drive the whole entire Lexus line up within an hour. I also drove the IS 350, GS 350, and the IS 250 several times. The lines for the IS 350 and the SC 430 were the longest. The lines got longer later on as the late risers came in. I really like their electronic reservation system. It seemed to make the lines faster. Maybe that was just because I got there early.

Lexus definitely had the fanciest of the car shows so far. The food was pretty good too. Even their plastic cutlery was fancy. They looked like real metal forks and knives. I ate their Angus Beef sliders with cake, chips, and vegetables. They only allowed you to eat once though. I missed previous TOL events where they had food everywhere and you could eat as much as you wanted. Although, the food in the past were more of the appetizer and dessert type.

This year, TOL didn't have competitor's cars to test drive either. I miss that as well, but it looks like all the car company's are making their car shows smaller to ease their budgets.

I did like their set-up this year. They had several tents for test drives, cafe, bistro, Wired and Dwell magazines, and a cinema.

They had 3 test drive tracks: Performance, Luxery, and Hybrid. The Performance Track had the IS 350, IS 250, and the GS 350.

I liked the IS 350 the most out of the Lexus line. It made for a great nimble and fast track car. Plus, it seemed very luxurious. It's definitely a car I would consider buying. This car handled the best out of all the Lexus cars. If you want to spend less, then the IS 250 is a good choice too. It has a less powerful engine than the IS 350, so you won't accelerate as fast though. The paddle shifters on the steering wheel were fun too.

The GS 350 is a very luxurious performance car. It's bigger than the IS so it felt less agile.

The $104,000+ LS 460h hybrid was the top of the line Lexus model in terms of price. It's ultra-luxurious. It had the most powerful engine also combined with their hybrid system. It's also a bit big for my tastes.

The RX 330h did not make for a good track car. After driving the IS and GS, this felt really bad around their short little track. Otherwise, I'm sure it's a decent SUV.

The SC 430 was a nice convertible. There were a lot of people waiting to drive this sexy car. It's more of a stylish boulevardier than a sports car though.

The ES 350 was nothing more than a fancy Toyota Camry.

This year they didn't have the big giant SUV's, the GX and LX models, probably because they wouldn't get good reviews on a track after driving much more agile sport sedans.

On showcase was the new IS-F. A 400+ hp version of the IS. Now, this is a pure sports car.

I also met some new friends while at TOL. I saw Amanda getting in line over and over like I did in the beginning. I asked her what car she liked, and she told me she liked the IS 350 the most. I did too. Then, we started comparing our driving technique on the tracks. Amanda seems to know a lot about cars. She drives pretty fast too. Later on, I met her friend Stan and his mom. Stan races in autocrosses. I included a picture of me with Stan and Amanda. The photo was taken by Stan's mom.

A shout out goes to Stan and Amanda. Hopefully, I'll see them again at the next test drive car show.