Monday, August 27, 2007


Saturday night, I watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship with Chris and Josh at Leo's All Star Sports Bar. Well, Chris left early but he was nice enough to pay for our tickets. We had to pay $10 to see the fight. They should have told us that when we called.

It was fun watching the fights. George St. Pierre won his match and so did Courture. They had some bloody fights on Saturday. Courter broke Gonzaga's nose and he was bleeding profusely. Watching the UFC makes me want to learn how to fight too...for self-defense reasons only of course. I should have wrestling matches with my friends to practice.

There was this kinda fat woman who kept kissing her boyfriend every few minutes. It was annoying because she blocked the screen when she did that. Also, she was not that attractive looking.


miyon said...

Me and hubs are big UFC fans. Really odd for me because I hate watching boxing and I hate watching martial arts but the two combined makes for great entertainment. We used to get all of the fights on pay-per-view but they're $35 or $40!

David, not everyone can eat the equivalent of Australia and still stay as fit as you! :P

David Kim said...


You like UFC too? Hahaha, that's great. Sarah hates violence so I just watch it with my friends.

I didn't intend to be too mean about that fat lady, but it would have been much less annoying if she was beautiful.