Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pigging Out at Manna with Arc Sims

I went out to eat dinner with my old friend, Arc Sims, last night at Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant. He came down on a business trip from Seattle. We ate an entire big variety plate of meat that is usually eaten by 4 people. I think I ate the lion's share, however. I should enter the minor leagues of food eating contests. I'm like an amateur Kobiyashi, the hot dog eating champion.

My clothes smelled like smoke afterwards because we cooked our own meat.

I think I could have had another plate if I rested for a bit and took a bathroom break. I remember I had like 8 servings of All-You-Can-Eat Shrimp at Sizzler's over 10 years ago when I went with my sister. She looked miserable just watching me eat for a couple hours.

I eat like 10 taco bell tacos in about 10 minutes. When everyone else is eating like their 4th taco, I'd be done already. My sister is even faster than me at eating tacos.

I remember my friend Josh eating over 30 suicide-hot buffalo wings at Callahan's in San Diego during happy hour. A bunch of San Diego KCM people went there and we had our usual, who-could-eat-the-most-buffalo-wings contest. Josh ate suicide-hot wings, which are incredibly hot. You can smell the spiciness before they're even placed on the table. Josh would have had the record, if he didn't puke immediately afterwards. Man, he must have had bad BTS that night.


miyon said...

Where do you put it all?? Makes me sick just thinking about eating that much.

David Kim said...

I've got a huge gas tank of a stomach. I'm like a sports car with an SUV gas tank.