Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bear Grylls is a Phony?!

Check out this short clip of Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild showing the dangers of crossing deep fissures in a dried up lava field in Hawaii. What comes next is a big surprise!

You know he's popular for showing you tips on how to survive in all types of locations. I really love his show, because I feel like I could use those tips next time I go on my big adventure and get lost.

He's always showing you how you can find civilization when you're lost in the wilderness. He doesn't really tell you what to say to people when you're lost. I guess you're supposed to use body language when you're in a foreign country. Also, what happens when you find a road and try to get help? Would anyone want to pick up a hitchhiker who looks all dirty? Aren't the only people who pick hitchhikers up mass murderers?

I also want to know what you're supposed to use as toilet paper when you're lost in the wild. Leaves? He should show you what leaves to use. I don't want to accidentally wipe my butt with poison ivy or poison oak.

Survivor Man disagrees with Born Survivor Bear Grylls on drinking your own pee when you're desperate for water. In the episode when he's in the Australian Outback, Bear drinks his own urine after he micturates into a cantine. Survivor Man digs a small hole in the ground and puts a cup in it. Then he puts Saran Wrap over the hole and pees over the Saran Wrap. He waits for the condensation to filter the water from the piss into the cup. But, who would carry around Saran Wrap when you're out hiking or camping?

Anyway, I'm very disappointed at Bear Grylls for not being the real deal. I still hope his tips are real. Otherwise, people may die because they followed his wrong advice. At least the show is very entertaining. I thought it was suspicious when he had a camera crew with him. I love how he eats all these weird animals, dead or alive. I would never take his advice on jumping into raging rivers and swimming in freezing cold water to save time on hiking. It may be fun to watch him do that, but it could mean instant death to most people without his abilities.


miyon said...

I don't know if I could stomach drinking my own urine even in the most dire of situations. Of course, that's easy to say sitting here with a plethora of beverages at my disposal. Too bad he's a fake or semi-fake.

Portia said...

that stinks. i got lost in bear country, montana for 9 hours with nothing but a backpack and a rottweiller. oh, and i was on a reservation, where i probably shouldn't have been. i'll post the whole story one day, but wanted to share that people ARE willing to help, even if you are filthy, with a dog, and have nothing to offer. and yeah, it was scary, but turns out they weren't mass murderers and sure beat climbing up a tree for the night. plus, i wasn't sure what i was going to do with the dog.

Joe said...

Want more Bear?

David Kim said...


Never drink your own pee even if it's an emergency without filtering it. The toxins could kill you.


It sounds like you had quite an adventure. You're the real survivor!


Thanks for the info about Bear Grylls. I knew that some of his advice was quite suspect. I should know better not to trust things I see on t.v. so easily even if it is supposed to be educational.

David Kim said...

With all the bad survival advice Bear Grylls is giving out like drinking your own pee when you're thirsty, I'm surprised he didn't say eat your own poo when you're hungry....

Anonymous said...

after seeing the new episodes of man vs wild i am very disapointed with bear. there is now a disclaminer saying he gets help locallay in life or deatch situations. it also states that some things in the show are provided to show the tv watchers survial techniques. the last episode he tried catching rabbit with no luck. the crew brought him a rabbit and let him east him so he could show us how to cook rabbit IF he caught onel. makes me sick. so les stoud at least hes the real deal.

David Kim said...


Thanks for your input. Well, I know it's a tv show and meant for entertainment. I thought this was edutainment meaning that I could learn some survival tips. Hopefully, his advice will be helpful on my adventures. If he's giving bad advice, then he could be hurting more people than helping them.

Anonymous said...

I've been in lost a few times in the woods. I would never take the chances he takes in order to get from point A to B. I'd rather take the long way around even if it takes a day or more. Than end up falling breaking my leg, then dying. In a survival situation, its a no brainer as to which decision to make, the safe one. I understand he's doing this for entertainment what he's doing is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Bear's last episode about the Kimberley in Australia is so wrong.

I'm an Aussie who has lived in the Kimberley.
Grills hit the Kimberley in "garden of plenty" season - just after the "wet". My 8 year old could do this alone and in comfort! (yeah, we spend a lot of time "out bush")
At times there was bushtucker in screen behind him - to which he was oblivious.
Only idiots and Englishmen try to treck the top end in the midday sun. At one stage he rests under a Boab tree (source of emergency water with edible fruit pith) parched with thirst after trecking in the blazing sun, and moments later drinks his own urine. I don't know about survival overseas, so haven't commented to date, but his Aussie farce was just too much. What he shows viewers is "How to Die through stupidity in the Outback"
You don't need to be thirsty - there is stacks of water everywhere at the end of the wet.
You don't need shelter - temperature doesn't drop below 20 deg celcius.
You rest from 10am till 4pm in gorges or under rock outcrops, travell in the cool of morning or evening while you hunt for food, and because the skies are mostly clear, navigate by the southern cross or the sun.
My kids think "Man vs Wild" is a comedy show