Tuesday, November 30, 2004

David Kim-Webmaster

I feel like I'm a real webmaster now. I've always wanted to have my own website and now I have one. Actually, it's pretty easy. I just cut and paste stuff. I don't know how to do any other stuff so don't complain about the layout of my website yet. I'm still a newbie. After several more years, this website of mine should be the fanciest on the web. Yeah, right.

Yesterday night was freezing cold. It was in the high 30's to low 40's. Sarah and I decided to go walking around the park again. I should have just stayed home. I caught a cold. I think it was because I was tired. I didn't have enough energy to fight off the cold tempature. I'm sick now. Drats. I usually only get sick when someone sick breathes on me. I usually get one cold per winter. Hopefully, this will be the only cold I get this season.

I've added a bunch of cool stuff to my website for you to see and enjoy. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of my webpage and you'll see all the goodies.

1. I have a guestbook for you to sign. Please be cool, please sign it. Also, you can still leave comments to my posts, you know.

2. I have a tagboard where you can post messages directly on my website.

3. I've added a chatroom where you can chat with me or with anybody else that's logged on to my chatroom. Let me know when you want to chat and we can meet in my chatroom.

4. I have a photo album where I might post some pictures up. The great thing about this is that you can post your own photos on my photo album too. You're free to upload pictures at anytime.

5. I have a mini-poll. I'll change these polls once people start actually voting.

6. I have a voting booth too. I need to start thinking of good questions where you can help me make important decisions about my life.

7. I have a calendar where anyone can post up special events that are coming up. This would be a good way for everyone to see important birthdays and events. Be sure to post an event if you want me to know about them.

8. You can tell other people about my website. Be sure to click the left button and not the bravenet button on the right.

9. I've added a headlines page. You can come here first for your news. Ha ha. Well, maybe some people might.

10. I've added a daily cartoon icon where you can click on for laughs.

11. I have a classifieds section. You can post stuff you want to advertise or sell. It's all free! Free advertising. Can you believe it? I've listed my highly modified Xbox for sale. Waaah!!! :*(
You guys know why! Sarah won't let me play. Please pray so that she will change her mind and heart about videogames. I've also listed my ultra-cool mountain bike for sale. I don't have time for any of my precious toys anymore. Boo hoo. Click on the view my classifieds icon. It's cool. The more people that visit, the faster you can sell your stuff.

12. I also have an e-cards section where you can send them to your friends. Cool, eh? No need to buy $5 hallmark cards anymore. This is the internet age. Say goodbye to paper and hello to my e-cards.

13. I have a site ring now. If you have a website, you can add your link to mine. I'll be happy to do it. So far I've only added my friend, Brian Dowdy's website. It's www.dowdyb.com.

I hope you enjoy all my new stuff on my website. I still have to post some pictures on my webpage. I need to get a scanner or a digital camera first. I also need to get DSL so I can upload pictures. Drats, there are so many dang things to get.

I've been watching some Korean videos with Sarah. We just watched Oh Pil Seung and Yong Suh. I can pretty much guess exactly what's going to happen next. I'm even better than Sarah at it. I guess it's because I watch so much more tv than her.

Last Wednesday, on Channel 5, we watched "A Walk To Remember" starring Mandy Moore. I was crying when she died of leukemia. Sarah just laughed at me.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Thanksgiving and its aftermath

I don't know about you, but I had a really fun Thanksgiving. I think Sarah did too.

We went to the 99 cents Only Store (hereinafter referred to as "99 cents store") again the night before Thanksgiving to get more supplies for our Thanksgiving dinner. We didn't have any big plates at the time, so she wanted to get the fancy Holiday paper plates. I wanted to get the cheaper regular paper plates because you get a lot more for the money. She convinced me to get the fancy ones because our families were coming over. That sounds so white-trashy, doesn't it?! Ha ha ha! Fortunately, while we were waiting in line to pay for our stuff, we decided to see if we could buy some real plates at Target on Thanksgiving morning, so we didn't buy the paper plates.

The Rite Aid brand bubble bath liquid really works well. At least that is almost name brand compared to the non-name brand bath liquid I got last time.

I wanted to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning, but Sarah wanted to go shopping. I think Sarah is as addicted to shopping as I am to videogames. While I was sleeping, she put her freezing cold hands on my chest to wake me up just like how those paramedics use those defibulators to give electric shocks to heart attack victims. That shock therapy really woke me up.

We woke up early to beat the holiday crowds and went to Target. Unfortunately, it was closed along with every other store. (Yes!) Sarah called and asked her mom to bring some real plates for dinner. So, in the end, we used good plates instead of paper plates for Thanksgiving.

Since all the stores were closed, we decided to go hiking. I wanted to stay home and sleep, but Sarah was bored. Why can't she just sit still and veg out like me?

We drove all the way up Angeles Crest Highway and went hiking in Charleton Flats. That was my family's favorite place to go hiking before. It was really beautiful up there. Sarah really liked the fresh air. She is very sensitive to air and spiritual things. There was some long patches of snow on the ground. We spotted some bear tracks and Sarah started getting scared. I told her that we don't have to worry if we make lots of noise as we walk since bears tend to stay away from humans. She was still worried so we started hiking back. We came across a restroom along the way and she was still scared. She wanted me to look inside the outhouse first to check if there were any bears lying in wait for any people to eat. I looked inside and there were no bears.

We stopped by my parents' house to help them with the Thanksgiving dinner. Actually, I didn't help much. I just played Halo 2 on my Xbox. I left my Xbox at my parents' home due to Sarah's protest. Sarah thought the game was too violent. In the game, you don't kill people, you just kill aliens. Even when I play games like Grand Theft Auto, I don't feel violent in real life. I'm really a peaceful, gentle, and kind person. I just like playing them because they're fun. Sarah thinks those games make me more violent. I highly disagree.

Well, my family and her family came over to our little apartment in Monterey Park and had Thanksgiving dinner together. My family brought the turkey and side dishes. Her family brought some fruit. I think it went pretty well. The only thing was that Sarah's 2 year old nephew, Sung Ho (Michael), came too. He is like Taz, the Tazmanian devil. He started running around everywhere. He ripped up my 1984 Olympics Souvenir Book too! I thought that book would bring me $100 dollars or more. Well, maybe. Since Sung Ho started ripping up a few pages, I just let him rip up the whole book. He turned it into a trillion pieces. We played this game where he buried me with pieces of the book. I was lying down on the couch and I was completely covered with bits and pieces of the 1984 Olympics Souvenir Book. At least he didn't rip up our wedding photos. I wouldn't let him do that.

We went shopping at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond in Rosemead. Sarah wanted to use up the gift cards we got for our wedding. I was basically just tagging along.

We got new cell phones this weekend too. I got a Samsung sliding camera and video phone. That phone totally rocks. It looks like a gadget from Star Trek. The only way that another phone can top this one is if it has free internet browsing. I'll be waiting for that one. Sarah has a camera phone with a flash. Now, I can upload pictures I take onto my website. Well I have to buy a link cable first. Dang! I hate having to buy so much stuff. The more stuff you get, the more stuff you need.

Sarah and I went to the Young Nak Church's servant leader dinner. I thought since we had to eat anyway, why not get a nice free meal? Chris Choi was supposed to go, but he chickened out. They gave away raffle tickets and I actually won something. I've never won one of these raffles before. Now I should start buying lottery tickets. My luck has changed. Well I won a gift certificate for In-N-Out Burgers. I actually was supposed to get a gift certificate for Baskin Robbins but some other kid took it. They gave it to another kid since I took awhile to get up to the front. I wanted that one since Sarah loves ice cream. I figured that that gift certicate was Young Nak church's wedding gift to us since I invited a bunch of people from Young Nak to our wedding but only a few people from there came.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving Day preparations

Now that Sarah and I are a married couple, we have to decide on whose parents' homes we are going to go to for the holidays. We were going to go to Sarah's parents' home during the day on Thanksgiving and then to my parents' home during the evening. We worked out a good plan where Sarah and I would host Thanksgiving dinner. My mom would cook the turkey and bring the side dishes. Sarah's mom would bring some dessert. Sarah and I will provide the drinks and entertainment. The entertainment will be watching the wedding video and looking at all our wedding pictures. Maybe it might sound boring to you, but I'm excited about it.

Last night we went to the "99 Cents Only" store in Monterey Park. That's my new favorite store. They have a lot of good stuff. Some are even name brand! I go to that store more than any other store now. I told Sarah that I would buy her all the stuff she wants there. She asked me to buy her the whole store. I said that that would cost more than 99 cents. Let me make some more money first. We went on a shopping spree for under $20. The last time I bought that much stuff for that price was back in the '80s. If I went to a regular market, I would only get about 2 bags worth of stuff. Here, we got 6 bags worth of stuff, plus a free Official 1984 Olympics Commemorative Guide Book!!!!!!!! It's so cool that I'm going to use that as our coffee table book.

Don't buy non-name brand bubble bath liquid though. I poured the whole bottle in and all it did was turn the bathwater blue. It's about 1% bubbles. That's a $1.07 waste. "Uno siete". I used to say that all the time when I was in Calexico.

After our shopping spree, we went to Max Foods to buy some Mayonnaise. A small little jar cost $2.50! I said I could have bought a bottle of mayonnaise, mustard, and a can of corn for that price at my new favorite store!

When we went home, Sarah and I cooked dinner together. She always makes me healthy foods. I'm happy and lucky

At home, we act like kids and it's fun. I'm always goofing around. I'm a 30 year old teenager, basically. I haven't grown up at all. I'm like Peter Pan.

Last week, we were walking at a nearby park at night. We saw this older asian man walking by on the otherside. Since Monterey Park is full of Chinese people, Sarah told me in Korean, "You better exercise a lot so that you don't get a potbelly like that man." However, the man evidently was Korean, because he started giving us angry looks. Then, Sarah was embarrassed and we walked away really quickly.

We started playing in the playground. I chased her around the play area and we ran up and down the slides.

Then, I gave her a biggyback ride around the baseball field. I started running with her on top of me. I felt like a horse in a racetrack, a real out-of-shape horse. I thought it would be fun to have these types of races at a church event. The guys would have to run carrying their wives piggyback style around the baseball field. It's tough, but it's a good workout.

Then at home, we played Blackjack. I taught her how to play. She beat me most of the time. It's beginner's luck. Unfortunately, that's the only card game we know how to play.

We need to get some fun board games. We want to invite our friends over and play scrabble or charades or something. If we throw a housewarming party, are you guys going to come over? Well, let me know. Does anybody read my blogs besides freepcreep? I don't even know who he is. I want people that I know reading my blogs. If you read my blogs, please post some comments so that I know who my audience is. Otherwise it feels like I'm writing to myself.

It's time to go Christmas shopping. I hate Christmas shopping because of the crowds, long lines, and having to fight for parking spaces. I'm really not looking forward to going to the mall this weekend. :*(

Shouldn't Jesus be throwing a fit because of how we commercialized his birthday? I can just imagine Jesus throwing and breaking things at the mall because we are making a business out of his birthday like how he went into a rampage at the temple because of those merchants.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Halo 2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played Halo 2 with Bobby Chen on Saturday. That game is sweet. Sarah had to work at Savon so I had some free time to myself. Bobby and I ate at a pho place in Pasadena. That reminds of a pho place I went to before called "Pho King". That name is hilarious. FOBs or FOPs should conduct a market research or something to make sure that the names of their stores don't sound ridiculous to the American public.

Going off on another tangent, when Chris, Seung, and I went to pick up our tuxedos across from ASSI Plaza in Koreatown one day, the "I" sign in ASSI Plaza went dark. So, the sign said "ASS Plaza". Ha ha ha. They should have replaced the "I" right away, but I guess they didn't care.

Anyway, back to my XXXbox, I'm having trouble saving my games. I went to my parents' place which is where my Xbox is and I tried saving some games, but it wasn't working. It was driving me nuts. Plus the fact that my parents were standing next to me and telling me how bad videogames are the whole time I was trying to figure out the problem was not helping. It was driving me nuts.

I also received a notice of toll evasion violation, but I didn't do it! When I sold my Mustang to this Korean used car dealer, they said that they would take care of my DMV transfer of ownership paperwork. They never did and now I'm stuck with getting violations from the new owner. You can't trust Korean businesses. They're shady. I remember when I went to a Korean cell phone store and they sold me a used cell phone. I know it was used because it had all these cell phone numbers on them. If the car dealer says they lost my pink slip, I'm screwed, because I don't have anymore paperwork. I was so angry, I started having dreams about me going on a rampage on Saturday night. For some reason, in my dream, I started having a rage at church. I started flipping over every table. I remember I was really angry but I was still my polite self. I remember telling someone at church, "Excuse me, I need to move this table here." Then, I started to continue flipping over tables. I don't think I was mad at anyone at church. I think it was a culmination of my frustrations with my XXXbox and that notice of toll violation. I usually get out my frustrations by killing people in videogame land. I'm usually so tired I can't remember any of my dreams. I remember this one, because I told Sarah about it. I don't think she was too thrilled to hear about that one.

In a completely unrelated story, Sarah is a really creative cook. She comes up with unique ways to cook things. Whatever we have in the 'fridge, she puts together and it tastes good. Plus the fact that I pretty much eat anything, doesn't hurt. I'm proud of my unpickiness when it comes to food.

We got our wedding photos and our wedding video. I had a blast watching the video. The pictures came out great. I think the photographer did something to make me look handsome or something. Well, I can't see my zits for one thing.

Sarah looks more beautiful than Miss Korea in the pictures. She looks fantastic!

We're going to post up some of the pictures on our website once we get DSL.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Sarah's hogging the blanket!

Sarah's nightmares seemed to have subsided. Now, I guess she just has bad or unpleasant dreams and not scary ones. She must have had one last night because she started gathering up the whole blanket. She just piled the whole blanket on herself. I was left uncovered. It was kinda' funny actually.

I need to start exercising and doing sit ups again. Ever since I started working at my current workplace I haven't done anything. Yesterday, I went to lift up a box and my pant button went flying. I'm going to have Sarah sew it back on. Hopefully, it won't pop out again. When did I start getting so fat?! It's a good thing the zipper was tight and didn't come down. Otherwise I would have had to go home because of my pants.

My friend, Bobby Chen, got Halo 2. I want to play that game so bad. I have to get it.

Traffic is killing me now that I'm driving home earlier. It takes me at least 1 1/2 hours to get home. Friday nights take me 2 hours. I need to get a motorcycle. I know I've been saying that for years now, but I'm sure that's the only way people can get around in 10 years. I'll get one when we buy a home with a garage. Hopefully, I won't be old and retired by the time I can afford a house.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sarah has nightmares

Sarah is much better today. Thank goodness. I was really worried about her health.

Now, the other thing I'm worried about is that she's having nightmares every night. She thinks it's due to evil spirits in the room. I hope that the evil spirit she's talking about is not me.

I think it's because she doesn't rest her head on her pillow. Sometimes, when I have nightmares about falling, my head is tilted back. I don't know. It's just my theory.

What can we do to get rid of her nightmares?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Sarah is sick

Sarah was really sick this morning. I am worried. What can I do as a husband to make her feel better? I wish I could stay home and take care of her but I had to go to work and so did she. I wish we didn't have to work.

I guess work is a necessary evil for most people to support themselves and their families.

I hope Sarah gets better by the time I get home.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm happily married!

Dear Friends,

How are you all doing? I just want to tell everyone that I'm happily married. Now that Sarah and I are done with preparing for the wedding and all, I've decided to waste all my time on blogging and creating a webpage for Sarah and me. While I was searching for a free webpage to post our wedding pictures, I came across blog sites. I decided to join the blogging craze and post some of my own thoughts with you people. I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch with my friends. Since it's getting harder to meet everyone in person nowadays, I guess the best way to keep in touch now is through cyberspace.

I was very happy to see so many of my friends at my wedding. Thank you all for coming. I would have liked it if we could have spent all night talking and celebrating that day. I heard a lot of people left before it ended. For those of you who left early, you should have stayed longer. Once I get my wedding photos developed, I put them on my website. I also want to get a digital camera to post my pictures up and share with you.

Sarah and I are having fun unpacking and organzing our apartment. Now, our apartment is pretty nice compared to when we first moved in and had boxes everywhere. Hopefully, we'll have our house warming party soon and you guys can visit us.

Married life is a lot of work but it's fun. Sarah and I cook breakfast and dinner together. She usually packs me a nice lunch too. I used to be so lazy when I was single and living at home. Ever since I got married I've been more diligent than I have ever been in my whole life. No more videogames for me. Sarah doesn't allow videogames anyway. I'm hoping to change her mind about that. I hope she becomes more understanding. Everybody has their vices. Videogames are just one of mine.

Now that I've moved to Monterey Park, my commute to work has gotten a little bit longer. I'm driving a little over 150 miles per day/round trip. I love driving, but it's getting to be very tiring. I rack up 50,000 miles per year. I think I spend about $5,000/year on gas. I'm crazy.

Thanks for reading,