Saturday, September 30, 2006

These are the best shots from The Transformers the Movie that I managed to pull off before I got kicked out.

What a mess! I wonder who's going to clean up the roads? Some of the nicer Autobots should do it like Bull Dozer.

What a disaster area! I saw all these extras hiding behind cars ready to jump out and scream and run away at the first sign of giant robots approaching. Andy said that it would be an honor to die by being stepped on by a giant robot.

A towtruck is on fire and the streets are totally ruined. Look at all that asphalt that was blown up. Actually that's fake asphalt. I saw some of the crew lifting it up and carrying it around like it was made of foam.
Exclusive photos of the filming of The Transformers the Movie. This was taken on the corner of 6th and Spring in Downtown L.A. It looks like there was a huge battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons here. I didn't see any giant robots. All that was left was this pile of rubble and burning cars.

Mikey's self-portrait photo
Ktown Fair ferris wheel
Mikey and me on the ferris wheel. Watch out for Carnies!
Mikey poppin' a wheelie
Mikey on his motorcycle. He's born to be wild.
Mikey riding on a pink elephant
The Boy in the Blue Balloon

There were tons of booths offering various public services, merchandise, games, food, and drinks. The food and drink were outrageously overpriced.

Koreatown Fair

Mikey's new backpack

Mikey posing in his new backpack that his Aunt Sarah bought for him
My Motobecane Nemesis. It was gloomy in the morning that day (just the way I like it), but it quickly started getting sunny. I had to quickly get home due to my sun and heat allergy. It was a fun ride though. I went over 42 mph going downhill.

This is a picture of Andy. We went biking last month. Sorry, I'm behind in my posts. We went cycling to Griffith Park and back to Downtown L.A.
Sarah and her friends at her friend's wedding

Sarah's friend's wedding

Friday, September 29, 2006

Wisdom Teeth

I just pulled out my wisdom teeth yesterday and boy was it awful! The sounds coming from the drill were horrible. The oral surgeon was hammering my teeth. Man, did that give me a headache. The sounds of my teeth breaking were not too good either.

My cheeks are puffy like a chipmunk. I can't eat. Blood is still pouring out of my mouth. The left side is much worse than my right side. He said that he saved the easiest tooth for last, but that's the part that's bleeding the most. I had to swallow a lot of blood as I tried to sleep last night.

Here's a picture of me being miserable after getting all my wisdom teeth pulled out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Black Porsche Carrera GT

Me and my Carrera GT

Sky Blue Vector

Vector Avtech WX-3

Mercedes Benz SLR

Lotus Elise

Lotus Esprit

Classic Ferrari

Ferrari lane

Hula girl

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chrysler 300C Dub Edition with Lamborghini doors

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Vector looks like a spaceship.

Vector Aeromotive Avtech WX-3 is back!

Saleen Mustang S281 Extreme

Ferrari F360 Modena, F430, and Mondial


Murcielago with Carbon Fiber wing

Ferrari F430

Lamborghinis are incredible!

Lamborghini Murcielago! So sexy!!!!!

Toyota 2000GT. One of the rarest and most expensive Japanese cars ever made.

Toyota 2000GT

Smart cars: The way of the future?

Smart microcar

Smart Roadster. These may be for sale starting in 2008.

Renault Avantime

Smart Roadster microcar. Smart cars are part of the Daimler Chrysler company. The original idea behind the very short Smart car is that it's easy to park. It is short enough to allow it to be parked nose-in where a conventionally sized car would have to parallel park.

Smart cars were originally supported by Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch, and was nicknamed the "Swatchmobile". The name SMART stands for Swatch Mercedes ART. It uses conventional unleaded gasoline and gets about 60 mpg.

Mercedes' awesome Gullwing 300SL