Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Here's Pepper observing a ceremony in honor of our grandparents. She was the best dog in the world. Posted by Hello

David M. Kim, Attorney at Law. I'm here to fight for you! Posted by Hello

Here is a picture of the late Princess Pepper. I know that Pepper is watching over me from heaven. This picture was taken by my sis. Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 20, 2005

This is Rev. Park from BSBC. He married Sarah and me. Where'd we be without him? Posted by Hello

Berendo Street Baptist Church. I got this from the church's website: www.bsbc.us. This is the church Sarah and I go to. I started going to her church, because she taught Sunday School. Now, I'm her T.A. I used to go to Young Nak before. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Michelango's David. Do you think that his statue would be better if he was clothed? Why did he have to be naked? If this is okay for King David, should I get a statue of myself in the nude? Posted by Hello

Demons raping women. Hell is a scary place. Believe in God! Or else this could be your fate... for eternity. Actually Hell is worse than this. Unbelievers will be burned by an everlasting fire. Posted by Hello

Hell. This is your life without Jesus. In hell, you will be tormented forever without any clothes. Why is there so much nudity in Christian art? I wonder if a soul is killed by hell's minions, would a soul come back to be killed again repeatedly forever and ever. Yikes! In order to avoid this fate, you must keep placing your eyes on Jesus. Posted by Hello

Shame on you, Calvin! We've all seen Jesus fish, then Darwin fish with legs on car bumpers. We've seen Calvin stickers of him praying to the Cross. Then, we saw Calvin sticker's with Calvin peeing on Ford and Chevy symbols. Now, there are Calvin stickers with him peeing on Jesus fish. This is a disgrace! What sort of insults will they think of next? Actually, the picture is kinda funny. Posted by Hello

This is another funny Korean bathroom sign. Posted by Hello

A bathroom sign in Korea. This was forwarded to me by Jerri Rhee. That sign is hilarious. Posted by Hello