Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Star Wars/Nude Leia

star_wars_birthday_2, originally uploaded by David Kim.

I got this funny Star Wars picture from bloggerheads.com. They have a bunch of funny cross-over spoofs of Star Wars pictures on their site. If you click on the picture, you can see more funny Star Wars pictures as well as other funny pictures I've uploaded for you to enjoy.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hey baby, what's your blood type?

Read this news story that I've pasted below. You can also click the link on the title of this post. This is crazy. It's outrageous! It's nonsense. I have blood type-B. I think. Well, that's what I remember from high school biology class. That's the last time I checked my blood for what type it was. And I did it myself, so I may have made a mistake. But, anyway I think I'm type B. I don't think I'm bad at all. I think I'm a nice guy. Some people who believe in this stuff and totally ignorant. People need to study a lot more and not believe whatever they hear. There are so many superstitious and blindly religious people out there, it's scary.

Bad Days for South Korea's Type-B Men
Mon Apr 18, 8:14 AM ET
By Jon Herskovitz
SEOUL (Reuters) - Lee Sung-san is a 24-year-old South Korean student looking for love and hoping that the women he is wooing don't ask him for his blood type.

Genetics and pop culture have teamed up to make Lee's love life miserable. Lee is blood type B, which nudges him near to the nadir of the dating scene in South Korea.
"I have had women tell me flat out they don't date blood type B guys. They say we are selfish and hot-headed," Lee said.
South Korean magazines, TV shows and Internet chat rooms have been buzzing about blood types for years. But, these days, the subject of attention is just how difficult it is to strike up a relationship with type B men.
Scientists say there is no link between blood type and personality. But that hasn't stopped self-proclaimed experts from declaring, for example, that type-A women, with their shy ways, should avoid type-B men, who are likely to be cads.
Associating blood types with personality traits has been going on for decades in North Asia. Most of the original interest started in Japan early in the 20th century and it has also taken off in South Korea.
There are many characteristics associated with type-B people, but the bad rap going around about type-B men in Korea is that they are selfish, mercurial and absolutely useless as caring and devoted boyfriends.
Type-B women, on the other hand, seem to have escaped the wrath of pop culture.
Last fall, a song from singer Kim Hyun-jung called "Type-B Men" soared to the top of the charts. The song had lyrics that said type-B men are quick to get angry and quick to make up, but in the end, they will break your heart.
Author Kim Nang has been ringing up steady sales of her book, "Dating a Type-B Man," in which she lays out strategies for women of various blood types to deal with the pitfalls and pleasures of striking up relationships with type-B men.
Another assault on pop culture came earlier this year with the release of the romantic comedy, "My Boyfriend is Type-B," which tells the frustrations of a type-A woman who falls in love with just such a man.
The man in the movie makes his girlfriend wait for hours in his car so that he doesn't have to pay for parking. On a date, his head is permanently swiveling to check out other women.
The movie, made for about $2.5 million, took in more than $10 million at the box office in South Korea and is to appear on Japanese screens later this year.
Director Choi Sukwon said he had first worked on a movie about blood types as a film student at New York University. He produced a short film that was well received and later returned to the subject for his feature in South Korea.
"Bashing is too harsh a word to describe what is happening to blood type-B men. For women they are seen as bad boys, but they are also appealing because they are charming and attractive," said Choi, himself a type-B man.
"Those traits make blood-type-B men notorious for girls in Korea. Girls all over the world want their men to be sensitive, to listen to what they need and what they feel," he said.

Choi said the more he investigated the subject of blood types, the more conflicting information he received.
In Asia, the subject of linking blood types to personality took off with the 1927 publication of a series of articles by Japanese scholar Takeji Furukawa called "The Study of Temperament Through Blood Type."
The concept hit pop culture and mass media in 1971 when Japanese writer Masahiko Nomi expanded upon Furukawa's ideas and wrote "Understanding Compatibility from Blood Types."
Type-O people were described as outgoing, expressive and passionate. Type-A were considered introverted perfectionists while type-AB were an unpredictable, distant lot.
And then there was type-B. They were considered independent spirits with strong personalities.
Nomi's works and other similar books from Japan have been translated into Korean. At most major bookstores in Seoul, there are works from Japan on subjects such as how a type-A mother should raise a type-O son.
These days, South Korean women's magazines and Internet sites dedicated to trends seem to be fixated with the subject of romance with type-B men.
According to a recent nationwide survey conducted by Internet portal site xyinlove.co.kr, type-B men were considered to be the most difficult type to date and about 40 percent of women said they did not want to marry a type-B man.
The Internet message board at the blood clinic of Seoul University Hospital has postings such as one from a woman seeking medical advice to find out "if it is true that type-B men have more extramarital affairs than other blood types?"
Kim Tae-suk, a doctor in the department of psychiatry at the Catholic University of Korea, said younger Koreans were buying into defining people by blood types because of what they see on TV, movies and in print.
"I can definitively say there is no scientific evidence that links a person's blood type to their character," Kim said.
He added that every jilted lover should just calm down and stop blaming a break-up on a bad blood match.

My Favorite Videogames of All-Time

Yo, peeps! Here's a list of some of my favorite games ever. The list of games is in no particular order. I just want to tell you about the games that I've liked. Hopefully, you've had the chance to experience euphoria from playing these games as well. Feel free to comment on them or tell me about your favorite games. Don't get mad if I left out your favorites. I might not have mentioned all the games that I've liked. I will make an updated list later. Videogames are the most fun things in the world.

1. Final Fantasy VII. Playstation. This game literally changed the RPG industry. It had a fantastic storyline, excellent gameplay, music that sticks in your mind, cool characters, 3-D worlds, and an epic feel. I was blown away by this game. After playing this game, I began to realize that videogames are so much better than reality. People who don't play these types of games are missing out in life. I'm serious, I feel sorry for people who don't play. No wonder why they're constantly bored. I feel like there's not enough time to enjoy all the games within our short lifespans. Although I shouldn't have played this game while I was in law school. I think it didn't help me with my studies. This game spanned 3 CD's. I've lived in the world of FF VII for over 80 hours of my life. I really laughed and cried in while playing this game. The graphics may not be great by today's standards, but it was state of the art at the time-1997. Exploring different worlds with your motley crew of characters was an epic adventure.
2. Final Fantasy X. Playstation 2. The graphics on this game were astounding. They still are even though it's been out a couple of years. Technology is advancing exponentially. The gameplay in FFX is awesome. You can switch characters in and out of battle. What a fantastic idea. I am only beginning to appreciate how deep of a message this game is trying to make. There are so many people out there who hold on to beliefs blindly without even thinking about them. I hope I can be one of the people who can help the world to see clearly without superstitions.
3. Final Fantasy VIII. Playstation. This game tried to expand on VII and made it more hip. I loved the retro-futuristic style these games have. This game was 4 CD disks long. I couldn't even finish it even after 60 hours of gameplay. These games are definitely better than most movies. I liked the futuristic schools. I loved the romance and the fighting.
4. Metal Gear Solid 2-The Sons of Liberty. Playstation 2. Simply incredible gameplay and mind boggling storyline. It had so many plot twists. Each cutscene we discover another incredible twist. Everything about it was first rate. This game's story is deeper than most books. The ending part of the game will blow your mind away. At first, I thought it was about a political cover up. It turned out to be so much more than that. We are just creatures of memes.
5. Grand Theft Auto III. Playstation 2. It's so fun to carjack people and run them over. The world was huge. You have the ability to do just about any type of ultraviolent act and can roam the entire city. You can pick up hoes and then slaughter them anyway you can think of and get your money back. Clever.
6. Ace Combat IV. Playstation 2. I lived out my Top Gun fantasies in this game. Yee haw!
7. Burnout 2. Playstation 2. This game is the fastest racing game out there. Pure speed and exhilaration. It's even fun to crash because the crashes are so spectacular. You race through the wrong side of the freeway and watch for cross traffic and make other cars crash. This is the way I've always wanted to drive in real life.
8. Pirates. Commodore 64. I love being the captain of my own ship and gaining infamy. I had a good time GTAing other pirate ships and pillaging villages. You sail through the Caribbean and look for pirate's booty.
9. Civilization. PC. I was so in to this game. One night, while I was trying to take over the world, I looked up at my watch and it was 5:00 in the morning. Time goes by so fast when you're playing this game. Simply addicting.
10. Sim City 2000. PC. I loved building my own city. I had my own city called Kim City. I felt like God. Then, you can create all these disasters to destroy your city after you're done creating it.
11. Star Wars-Knights of the Old Republic. Xbox. This RPG let's you live out the life of a Jedi. I made a female Jedi called Darth Angel. She was evil and made Darth Vader look like a cubscout. It's fun playing the dark side. Sometimes, the choices were really tough though. I've had second thoughts about making some choices that were that evil. But, I let that go and killed and stole from everyone. Mercy is for the weak.
12. Midnight Club 2. Xbox. This game let's you live out your dreams of the Fast and the Furious type of lifestyle. It used the GTA III engine to race through the streets. You had to race against all these street racers in a free roaming city like Los Angeles. It doesn't matter how many people you run over just as long as you come in first place, sucka! It feels so good playing this game after coming home from being stuck in traffic for a long time.
13. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Xbox. This game has the best videogame girls in town. They are anime-type girls from Tecmo's fighting game Dead or Alive. They're beautiful and deadly. You get to choose their bikinis and have them play volleyball. The graphics are awesome. I really liked the mod that Hui Han installed for me. That mod made my Xbox into the XXXbox. This game made me feel like a dirty ol' man, especially with the nude patch.
14. Halo. Xbox. I wasn't into 1st person shooters until I played this game because other 1st person shooters made me feel really nauseated after playing for a few hours. This game is beautiful and the controls are so tight. It's a lot of fun playing co-op with a buddy, especially when you're driving the Warthog and your pal's shooting the machine gun.
15. Halo 2. Xbox. They improved on Halo. Unlike movies, videogames seem to get better with every sequel. You had more weapons and vehicle this time. Plus, you got to play as the aliens too.
16. Chronicles of Riddick-Escape from Butcher Bay. Xbox. I loved playing Riddick (Vin Diesel) and being an ultraviolent badguy. Bashing people's faces in was great. I loved all the swearing in this game. It made the game feel so dark and cool.
17. Star Wars-Battlefront. Xbox. You can live out all your Star Wars fantasies. They put in all the best battles from all the Star Wars movies. You can play as the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. You can drive all the Star Wars vehicles. I totally felt like I was in the Star Wars battles. It's fun shooting Ewoks.
18. Ultima IV, Quest of the Avatar. Commodore 64. This game helped me become the nerd I am now. Back in 7th grade, my friends were my created party of videogame fighters and wizards. I think I had more friends in my videogame crew than in real life. I had my own Ankh, cloth map, and book of spells that came with the game. That was the shit back then. I spent so much time thinking about and combining ingredients for spells. When I wanted solace from the real world, I went to Lord British's Britannia. There I learned the ways of becoming an avatar. (That's a cheesy last line.)
19. Ms. Pac Man. C64 and Arcade. I spent a lot of my mom's money at the arcade playing this. Don't tell my mom though. I think I saved money buying the game so I could play it at home.
20. SSX. PS2. This game is fast and fun snowboarding. Flying high and doing tricks are the bomb in this game.
21. SSX Tricky. PS2. More of the same greatness. This time it had actor's voices. Watching the replays were just as much fun playing them.
22. Gran Turismo 3. PS2. I have fulfilled my dreams of owning and racing all my favorite cars in this game. Sweet! Pure autoerotica. (Another lame line.)
23. NBA Live 98. Playstation. I totally rule basketball videogames. One of my pastors from my past was talking trash about how he could beat me in videogame basketball. No way! I humiliated him by beating his Lakers with the Clippers team. He was so furious he turned off the Playstation. In your face, Reverend!
24. NBA Live 2002. Playstation 2. More b-ball madness. This time I created a videogame version of myself to play on the Lakers. It's fun seeing a 5'3" asianboy pointguard passing to Shaq and having him pat my butt after a good play during the replay cutscenes. The great thing is that I can dunk in this game too.
25. Bubble Bobble. NES. This game helped me reminisce about my childhood playing videogames with my sister, Christine. We had a great time playing this game. Remember, sis? She played as Blue Bub and I played Green Bob and we trapped the baddies in bubbles and popped them.
26. Super Bust-a-Move. Playstation 2. This was one of the only few games that my sister would play with me. She thinks she's all grown up now and better than videogames. Here's what I say to that-Ha!
27. Super Dodge Ball. NES. This game was too much fun playing against my friends. I used to play with the weakest team, the USA All-Stars, because I was just too good. I was just toying with my high school friends because I purposely played bad in the beginning just to give myself a challenge of beating their teams with just one guy left. I'm just too good at catching and using my special throws. Ever since then I wanted to create my own super dodge ball tournament with my friends. They just didn't get it. My idea was much better than the movie "Dodgeball". I would have made it just like the videogame, where there are guys on the outside perimeter who can throw the ball as well. Who wants to play Super Dodgeball in real life?
28. Super Mario Brothers. NES. It's a classic. What else can I say about this? Who can argue against me? I loved the turtle trick.
29. Super Mario Brothers 3. NES. Mario can fly with his squirrel outfit in this game. Simply genius. I was so impressed when it came out. I was like "How can they top this game? What will they think of next?"
30. Dead or Alive 3. Xbox. The girls from Xtreme Beach Volleyball duke it out in this fighter. They're panties show, of course, when they're fighting.
31. Crackout. C64. This game was trippy. It was a crazy breakout type game. I put it on the weird techno settings. I think all the flashing lights hypnotized me. Must keep playing...........
32. Pitfall Harry. C64. I lived out my dreams of Indiana Jones by swinging through vines over alligators. Unfortunately, games were kind of simplistic back in 1985. All I did was swing through vines over and over for hours. I sent a picture of my high score to Activision, but they never game me my prize money. Those cheaters! Give me my prize money! With interest!
33. Mario Kart 64. N64. You can race through haunted mansions and through space on a rainbow road all while throwing banana peels at your opponents. Cool. I was in awe when racing next to the waterfalls. It's funny how things don't look nearly as good now when you look back at them. New technology in games keep spoiling you. The old games you loved just aren't as fun after playing the new ones.
34. Blades of Steel. NES. It's fun playing against friends. Hockey and fistfighting made for great memories. This is the type of game where you literally pushed each other and tried to take the other control pad away from each other to win.
35. Nintendo Hockey. NES. Skinny players vs. fat players. Good times.
36. Double Dribble. NES. This game helped me develop my notoriety as the best b-ball videogame playa to hit the streets. You can't guard me, fool. I'll run circles around you.
37. Jazz Jackrabbit. PC. This game is like Sonic the Hedgehog, except he's a green rabbit with an attitude. He has a cute green bunny gf.
38. Skyfox. C64. I'm a killing machine in my jet shooting down thousands of enemy jets and tanks and mother ships. I was the ace of the base. The weird thing about videogames is that it's always one guy against a million baddies. Don't the good guys have any other people to help out?
39. Street Fighter III. Arcade and Super NES. Chun Li vs. Blanca. Enough said. This game was all about skill. Too bad I didn't have any besides button mashing skills. I had fast fingers but no real technique. Fortunately, that was enough to beat friends like Chris Choi. He has no skill, although he thinks he does.
40. Mortal Kombat. Genesis. A more violent type of fighting game than Street Fighter III. This one was the first fighting game to feature blood and spine ripping fatalities. Unfortunately, I never disciplined myself to learn the combo moves. This game was more button mashing for me.
41. Soul Caliber. Dreamcast. This fighting games was one of the best fighting games ever made. It had awesome fighting moves. I liked fighting using the girls. The girls had dangerous and sexy moves.
42. RC Pro Am. NES. Gameboy. You race remote control cars in this game. The only bad thing about this game was that I never could save my progress on most Nintendo games. After a couple hours of racing and getting up to level 84, once I lose a race, I have to start all over again.
43. NBA Shootout. Playstation. I played this game when the Chicago Bulls had Jordan, Pippin, and Rodman on the same dream team. It was great seeing Dennis Rodman with his Green hair running up and down the court and fouling people.
44. Archrivals. Arcade. More b-ball action. No fouls in this game. You're supposed to bash the other guy. I was played LC (La Canada High) vs. CV (La Crescenta Valley High). Neat.
45. Radmobile. Arcade. I got to show off my awesome driving skills in front of everyone in this game. It's cool driving in a machine that moved around. I loved getting lots of attention when people were crowding around to see how well I drove. . . up until the part where I drove off the cliff.
46. The Simpsons. Arcade. My friend, Eric from high school, and I used up a lot of quarters on this game playing as the Simpson's family.
47. Raiden. Arcade. I got to show off my mad hand-eye coordination skills in this game. I literally dodged a million bullets. This game eats up more quarters though. This was another game where one jet had to destroy an entire world of other jets and monster ships.
48. Basketball. C64. The beginning of my rise to ultimate videogame b-ball champion. I beat the computer on Level 9. I could see the computer opponents getting frustrated when I kept stealing the ball from them and slamming it into their basket over and over. I pretty much shut them out every game. I knew then that I was the bomb.
49. The Simpsons Hit and Run. Xbox. Just like GTA except with the Simpsons characters running people over. I love the Simpsons.
50. Mechassault. Xbox. Using giant robots to destroy everything insight. What could be more fun? I can't think of anything better.

Thanks for reading my list of favorite games so far. I'll update the list with more games as I remember them and play more games in the near future like Final Fantasy XII.

Videogames are pretty much the only thing I'm good at. I think I'm going to open up my own videogame store one day. I have some good ideas.

I also want to have my own videogame company. I'm thinking about making a company that will create virtual reality goggles. Instead of looking at a computer screen or tv, you see the game through the VR goggles. You'll be fully immersed in another world. Cool, eh?

Sunday, April 17, 2005

"Luke, I have a big surprise for you. You're not going to believe it, but I'm your mother." "NO!!!!!!!!!!!" I am a star wars fanatic. I'm preparing myself for the final Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith. I want to dress up as one of the Star Wars characters and see the first screening carrying my lightsaber. Maybe I'll have Sarah dress up as Queen Amidala. Posted by Hello

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Trick or treat, smell our feet. Give us something good to eat. Posted by Hello

I'm sorry about the images not coming out so clearly. I think the actual pictures themselves came out well. I blame the lower resolution on the computer. I wanted to make them higher rez, but I don't know how. Posted by Hello

Sorry it took so long to post these pictures. We got our pictures about a couple months after the wedding. Then, Sarah took a couple months to decide which pictures to put in our wedding album. And then it took another couple months to get those pictures back from the photographer. Now, I'm finally posting some of the pictures up. Actually, it's pretty tiring scanning all these pictures and uploading them. I think I've had enough. I'm going to just load up pictures from a digital camera from now on. Posted by Hello

Here's Tony Teang, the one who caught the garter, and Sarah's friend, the one who caught the bouquet. I hope they get married soon and find happiness. -Not to each other. . .unless they want to. Anyway, I know Tony wanted to see this picture. Posted by Hello

The bride and bridesmaids. Posted by Hello

Here's a funny picture. I don't know what kind of pose the photographer was thinking of. Posted by Hello

Sarah and my sister, Christine. Posted by Hello

The guys. Posted by Hello

Don't ask about what's going on in this picture. Posted by Hello

I'm always acting weird. I've always wanted to kiss like that. Posted by Hello

We're doing the Korean Tea Ceremony. Posted by Hello

The Sunday School Body Worship Team performing at our wedding. Posted by Hello

With Sarah's Sunday School Kids. Posted by Hello

The obligatory kissing pose. Posted by Hello

Our friends at our wedding. Posted by Hello

If you haven't guessed already. All these pictures are of Sarah and me. Posted by Hello

I'm always trying to kiss Sarah. Posted by Hello

Sarah and I again. Posted by Hello

We're happy. I know I am. I feel like I'm married to Miss Korea. Posted by Hello

Here's Sarah looking at me. Posted by Hello

Here's me looking at Sarah. Posted by Hello

Here are some wedding photos taken by Sky Photography.  Posted by Hello

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Woe is me. Posted by Hello

I wanna nother Super Size Big Mac Combo Meal. Posted by Hello