Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Beach Bike Tour and Magic Mountain Man Triathlon

This weekend, I did the Magic Mountain Man Triathlon and the Long Beach Bike Tour. It was the toughest race weekend ever for me, because of the Magic Mountain Man Triathlon. It was a half-Ironman distance tri. The bike course was 56 miles in the mountains near Castaic Lake. I had to bike to the start of the bike course, because I had no support. I had to get there by myself so I had to bike an extra 13 miles. 6 of those miles was because I kinda got lost. I didn't know why the route I took didn't connect with the road I was supposed to take. It was cold there too. My fingers, feet, and nose were numb.

The Magic Mountain Man Tri was absolutely brutal, because half the course was climbing up steep mountain roads. It felt like the whole course was uphill. Even the downhills were hard, because the road going into the canyon was so bumpy. That was the first time I ever wanted the downhill portion to end in my life! My arms and hands were getting weak from going down that rough road.

I did well going uphill and passed everyone since I started out near the back of the pack. However, I used up all the glycogen stores in my muscles and started getting really weak. Even going downhill in the last 10 miles was tough since I had no energy left. I got passed by two downhill specialists. When I tried to lay the hammer down, my muscles started cramping up. I was done for the day. I didn't do the run, because I had to save some energy for Sunday's 26.2 mile ride the next day. I finished the bike course in 3 hours and 9 minutes.

Sunday, I went to Long Beach and did the ride there. There was so much traffic on the 710 Freeway since so many people were trying to get there because of the ride and the marathon that I started 15 minutes late. The swarms of cyclists slowed me down, but I finished the course in 1 hr 19 min. I thought that was good since I was slowed down considerably by all the slowpokes in front of me. After getting about half way through, the roads started getting a little bit more opened up and then I could time-trial. One rider I passed was sucking my wheel for about 10 miles, but I finally dropped him in the last 6 miles. He really wore me out, but I kept pushing myself since I hate getting passed. I drove home and then biked 14 miles to church before 9:30 a.m.

I am so tired and weak now. I need to taper my exercises to get some rest. Although I have a lot more work to do before I get ready for the full Ironman race.


Lois Grebowski said...

hang in there... rest is part of training. sounded like you needed some...

David Kim said...


Thanks. I'll try to get some rest. My law professor always told me "No rest for the weary" though.

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