Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April Office Party 2008

We had another great office party at Casey's Irish Bar & Grill. There were tons of great food, drinks, and friends to talk with. I had a fun night with coworkers drinking sodas.

I got pictures of Jeff, Kyle (shy all of a sudden), Burt, Hadi, Doug, Verlan, Brian, Nicole, Jessica, and Holland.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bike Ride at the Beach with My Wife

Sarah and I went biking at the beach over the weekend. I was impressed with the fact that we biked 18 miles considering she hasn't biked in about 20 years. We went up and down the coast of Santa Monica, Venice, and Will Rogers State Beach. We had a nice strawberry smoothie to quench our thirst. Next time we'll go even farther and faster. Sarah wanted a comfort bike so I got her one, a Schwinn Sierra GS. She wants a basket on it. She thinks my bikes are too uncomfortable for her.

I want about ten more bikes in the future. I'll need to get a house with a big garage. I want to get a road racing bike, a dual suspension cross country bike, a downhill DH mountain bike, a tandem bike, a recumbent, a fixed gear track bike, a BMX trick bike, a folding bike, another mountain bike, and another high end time trial bike.

Hopefully, I can get a motorcycle too.

Moto X

I took a short clip of these insane Moto X motorcycle ramp jumpers. They jump about 80 feet across the ramp and get close to 30 feet high. They're freakin' nuts and super talented.

I was running out of space on my memory card. I took too many pictures and videos earlier that day. I took a bunch of videos of the Le Mans race and some videos of a couple of superstreet bikers doing tricks on their bikes. I tried to delete some videos to take videos of these Moto X guys getting incredible air.

I went over to the 2nd floor where I can get better videos of these guys, but I ran out of batteries. What a bummer.

Power Slide

These guys have excellent car control. They have to get their car tires to lose grip by a number of different drift inducing techniques, including power oversteering, and then have to control their cars driving sideways through the turns.

Drifting in Action

Drifting is awesome. I took some videos of the American Le Mans Series race. Those cars are fast and very loud, but the videos I took of them weren't quite as exciting as watching these drifters do their thing.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Drifters and their whips.

Shark Lagoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific


Hot & Sexy Cars

Drift Battles

Real life Initial D.

Long Beach Grand Prix

Race weekend at Long Beach. A lot of stuff to see in beautiful Long Beach.

Champ Cars

Champ Cars. Past Winners.

Formula D