Monday, April 14, 2008

102 Degrees in Los Angeles on April 13, 2008

Hot Days

We had record breaking temperatures in Los Angeles this past weekend. I can't imagine how hot it's going to be this summer. I hate hot weather. I sweat a lot. Sweating is okay. . .but not in a business suit! I have to wear suits when I go to the courthouse. I'm not a happy camper when I'm drenched in sweat in my suit. That looks terrible.

As an aside, I remember when I went to Seoul, Korea for my summer abroad and internship. Everybody wears suits there. It's really hot and muggy there during the summer. It's so humid, that I could be naked and still be dripping with sweat. It's terrible when I have to be wearing a suit in the middle of a humid summer. I had to walk everywhere, because I didn't have a car there. I walked for miles to the bus stop and subway station in my black business suit. Imagine the horror! Did I tell this story before? I think I did in one of my posts before.

I think it's just going to get hotter and hotter every year. In a few decades, it will be so hot, that people will literally fry outside. This is another reason out of thousands why you shouldn't have children. You'll be leaving your kids to a dump of a world. Well, if you have kids, then all you can do is take care of them and hope for the best. If you don't have kids yet, I recommend staying that way.

Bike Talk

So far, I've been driving to court. I need to think of a good way of biking to court without wrinkling my suit. Maybe I should get a big pannier for my bike. It might be unusual, but remember when I mentioned I saw one of the judges I appeared in front of bringing his road bike to his courtroom? Luckily he can put his nice bike in his judge's chambers. I like being an iconoclast.

I went cycling Saturday morning. I got noticeably darker after my ride. My tan lines are more apparent.

I bought a bicycle for Sarah. Now, we can ride our bikes together. I will post pictures of her new bike once we go for a ride. I want to train her for a triathlon. I think it's going to be a tough job.

I also got a CycleOps resistance trainer so I can train at home. I can bike at home now and watch tv shows and movies. Instead of just vegging out at home in front of the boob tube, I can now burn thousands of calories while watching great movies. I like being efficient like that. Multi-tasking and saving time makes me feel good. That's one of the added benefits of biking to work. I can kill two or three birds with one stone. I can get to work and get exercise and have fun at the same time.

Another benefit of biking in my living room is that Sarah doesn't have to worry now. I can spend more time at home instead of biking at night on the mean streets.

Triple Convention Day

On Sunday, Sarah and I went to the Home Buyer's Fair, the Health and Fitness Fair, and the Green Living Fair at the L.A. Convention Center. We scored a lot of swag.

2nd Graders

Here are a couple of pictures of some of our second graders. We have 2 second grade classes. Grace and Miju teaches the other class. The kids in my class are Rebecca, Mark, Elijah, Dean, Allen, Tiana, Yeji, Sori, Megan, Brian, Christopher, and Victoria. This is my fifth 2nd Grade class I've taught with Sarah at Berendo Baptist. Man, time flies. I've seen some of the kids I've taught in the past, and now they're bigger than me.


Portia said...

Whoa dude. Crazy hot summer already! They have things that help you pack jackets etc wrinkle-free. Maybe they actually work, I don't know, but then you could ride your bike and pack your suit. Sounds a little too good to be true I guess.
Is Sarah excited about her new training venture? Have fun!

Dave said...

102 degrees huh! ... Well, I tell you what... I'll take your 102 if you take my 51 degrees today. :-)

Seriously though... I don't blame you caomplaining about the temp. I think I will stick to my 51 degrees today!

Take care!

David Kim said...


I saw some other attorneys that brought their bikes to work. I had a deposition I was defending and their were two road racing bikes in the conference room we were in. I think that's cool.

David Kim said...


I'd love to trade you temperatures. I love cool weather. It's great for exercising.

Actually, it has cooled down a little bit now. I'm just dreading when the summer months come.

abbagirl74 said...

Wow... that's hot!!!

David Kim said...


Yes, yes it is.