Monday, April 21, 2008

Got Hit By An Idiot @sswipe

I was driving home on Friday night, April 18, when I got hit from behind by an idiot jerk. This guy was totally obnoxious. I was stopped at a stop light. The light was red. I was waiting for the green light. I saw these bright lights come up behind me, then I felt a bump and then a push. It felt like this SUV was trying to push me out of the way on purpose. I looked back and got out of the car. The jerk denied hitting my car even when his bumper was touching mine! He then slowly backed up. He was trying to squeeze in between my car and another car parked along the curb on the right side. He was trying to make a right turn. He asked why I didn't move when the light was green. The light just turned green after he hit me. If he just waited a couple of seconds, before he tried to squeeze in to make a right turn, he wouldn't have hit me and we could have avoided this whole mess.

We agreed to pull over to the curb. I made a right turn and slowly drove ahead, but he wasn't following me at first. Then, he drove around my car. I thought he was trying to drive off so I pull the door handle of his Chevy Tahoe on the passenger side. He then pulled over and got out of his car. He started screaming at me like a maniac to not touch his car. He kept walking towards me yelling obscenities at me. He then said he was going to call the police. I called 911. I waited in the car because I didn't want to escalate the situation. He bumped me a couple of times trying to bully me and intimidate me. If he hit me, I might have gone insane and would have killed him. I was trying to keep cool so I waited in my car for the police to arrive. He kept yelling, "Get out your car!"[sic] the whole time. He was some chicano. I seem to be having a lot of incidents with these guys lately. I've been hit by them while in my car and on my bike before. Plus, they love to yell out at me when I'm riding my bike.

When the police officer finally arrived, the jerk said that I did not go when the light was green, which was totally false. He said that I just stopped there at the light. He said that he didn't hit me. This guy was just a 27 year old chicano kid. I can't believe his mother was a district attorney. How could an attorney raise such a bastard like him?

The police officer saw that there was some green paint on his bumper. There were only minor scratches on my bumper. I was given a choice whether to exchange our information. I chose to exchange our info. Now, I regret it, because I don't know what this crazy guy would do with my info. He later called me a couple minutes after the incident and wanted to know what I was going to do. He said his mother was a lawyer. I said let me think about it. He said he would call everyday until I decided. I just don't want him coming over to my place or stealing my identity. I certainly don't want him lying to the insurance saying that I did something wrong. I just don't want to deal with this crazy idiot.


Portia said...

What a jerk. Glad you're alright. Whatever you do, I hope it's resolved quickly.

David Kim said...


Thanks. There are so many crazy drivers out there. It's scary!