Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cheesecake Factory

After the teacher's conference, we went to eat dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Laura Kim picked up the tab. We also celebrated Jenny's birthday (April 8).

Cheesecake Factory gives a ton of food. I'd like it more if they charged half the price in exchange for half the amount of food. Knowing how much food they give, Sarah and I split the Chicken Medeira dish. That was still enough for both of us, even for me, since I've been eating all day.

Jenny loves to pose for pictures.


Dave said...

Great food + Somebody else picked up the tab? What more could one ask for? :-)

David Kim said...

Hey Dave!

I guess I can ask for free dessert, entertainment, more food to take home, etc. . . .I'm just kidding.

Portia said...

Looks like a fun place. But I could have sworn you were gonna say you ate a bunch of cheesecake! Even though you didn't I'm going to share that I had one of the best pieces of cheesecake I've ever had today- it had pecan pie INSIDE of it! Oh my:)

David Kim said...


I would have had their cheesecake if I hadn't been eating all day that day. Plus, their portions are so big, that it's hard to leave room for dessert.

Pecan pie inside cheesecake sounds incredible! That's very creative. I wonder what other types of food combinations they can come up with.