Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Artist Elephant

Check out this Amazing Youtube video of an Elephant painting a self-portrait. It truly blows my mind. Not only is this elephant a better artist than I am, he might be more intelligent too if he had hands and could talk.

Not only does this video prove how intelligent elephants are, it shows that humans aren't the only ones with creative behavior. This may have ethical considerations as well on how we view other animals and how we should treat them.


Dave said...

Hi David!

I wish my dog could paint like this. I could send her out to work for a living. Hey! Three incomes in the family! How great would that be! :-)

David Kim said...


That would be awesome if our pets could bring in extra income.

Portia said...

I have long believed in the intelligence and emotional capacity of most animals. But when they pick up a paint brush [and use it!] it sure knocks my socks off!

David Kim said...


I wish we could find out more information on whether this video is fake or not. Even if the elephants were trained or directed by the trainers, I think it's fantastic. If the elephants were inspired on their own to paint like this, then that would be unbelievable!