Monday, January 28, 2008

Mr. Pizza Factory

On Saturday, the Sunday School gang had dinner at Mr. Pizza Factory in Ktown. The pizza was delicious, especially their signature dish, the Golden Potato Pizza. That one has their yummy sweet yam in the crust. Everyone seemed to like it. I definitely want to check it out again. The prices are slightly high though.

The waiter took our picture. It's a little blurry. Going clockwise: Hyejin "Grace", Sharon, James, John, Joseph, Jenny, Iris, Woon Sung, Sarah, and Laura.

Afterwards, some of us went to have some Korean tea and Pot Bing Soo.

On Sunday, we had a Sunday School meeting at 9:30 a.m. The new Pastor, James JDSN "Jundosanim", really wants to make some big changes. I think it's good, but it sure is making us spend more time. He made Sarah the Sunday School Director. I'm sure she's the best one for the job, but she's very busy too.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lawyers in Second Life

I was reading California Lawyer magazine and saw an article about how more lawyers are starting to open up their virtual offices in the cyberworld of Second Life. I thought that was cool. Maybe I can do that too since I love video games. Practicing law in the metaverse may not even seem like work at all. It may be fun like a game, but with real life people on the other side of the internet. The trouble would be finding people willing to pay real money for my services.

Many lawyers are starting to meet in virtual seminars. There are even classrooms held in the virtual world. I think we're starting to see the future of how people meet, network, and do business.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bank Robbers Crash Into Tree at Mall; Prevents My Wife From Working

Some amateur bank robbers who held up a bank in Orange County drove into a tree at the mall parking lot where my wife works. These clowns started throwing out all the cash outside the car window while being chased by the cops. After they crashed into a palm tree, they all started running out in different directions. Police caught the driver and another suspect, but 3 currently remain at large. They ran into the mall where my wife works. Police evacuated the entire mall. My poor wife had to wait outside in the cold for over 4 hours. She didn't have her purse with her when she had to leave the mall so she couldn't eat lunch nor drive her car. Plus, there was no cash to be found. Everyone on the streets picked up the cash on the road.

Read the article for more details.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Doo Dah

I was going to go to the Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena on Sunday, but we had a Sunday School teacher's meeting so we missed it. That's one wacky parade. Whereas the Rose Parade is the classic grand daddy of all parades, the Doo Dah parade is a nonreverential black sheep of parades. There are all sorts of weird things to see there.

I'm still waiting for Lost and Battlestar Galactica to start again. Damn this writer's strike.

Saturday, I helped Andy move from his Downtown loft to Fullerton. We also stopped by his parent's place to pick up some more furniture in Monrovia. I helped him move for 12 hours. He needed a new place for his bride-to-be when they get married on March 22, 2008.

Andy was cool enough to give me his Xbox 360. Now, I have to get a HDTV, because I can hardly see the small words on my standard definition television. Already, my eyes are getting noticeably worse than before. I'm not sure what is better to get, an LCD or a plasma tv.

I had to get my Hyundai fixed too, because my "Check Engine" light came on. I replaced 2 O2 sensors and replaced my front wheel axle. It cost me about $400. They say I should get a head gasket job done too which would cost me about $900. The repair costs are starting to add up now that my Hyundai has over 100,000 miles on it. It still is cheaper than buying a new car.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Team Motobecane

Andy and I went cycling Saturday. He bought a Motobecane Vent Noir ("Black Wind") road bike. Black Wind either sounds sinister or like a case of bad gas. Together with my Motobecane Nemesis Triathlon/Time-Trial bike, we make Team Motobecane. We should get sponsored by Motobecane.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Another Bike Accident

I was cycling yesterday after work to train for the triathlon when a car made a left turn right in front of me. I squeezed the brakes real hard and flipped over on my bike. The car just took off. I kissed the ground. At first I thought my face had road rash on it, because it felt like it. I just have road rash on my arms, elbows, knees, and fingers. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and my face was okay, fortunately, because I wouldn't want to ruin this beautiful face. I just had dirt on my nose and lips and chin from kissing the dirt.

My front bike wheels need to be trued, because it's slightly bent. I need new brakes and my gears need a major tune-up 'cuz they're jacked up.

Damn you crazy drivers!

Thank goodness I have 9 lives. I think I've used them all up by now. Hopefully, this won't be my last. I need to collect some more 1-ups.

Another weird thing happened at work yesterday. All three toilets at my office floor were flooded. They were filled to the brim with brown liquid crap and the floors were flooded. Someone must have had diarrhea and clogged the toilets with too much toilet paper. I went all the way downstairs to use the restroom and found that everyone was using the toilets there pooping too. Since I don't have access to any of the other floors, I had to go all the way to the Westin Bonaventure Hotel to use the restroom. All the other office buildings around me require their own keycards to get through the buildings. Dang people! Don't put too much t.p. in the toilets!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Over Drive

Sugoi! ("Amazing!" or "Cool!" in Japanese)

This anime is about road bicycle racing, and it's sugoi!

It reminds me of Initial D, an anime about drift racing on twisty mountain roads in Japan with venerable cars like the Toyota AE86 and the Mazda RX-7. Although there were a lot of races in Initial D, Over Drive's first season is all about one big long race of 168 km (over 100 miles).

This young kid, Mikoto Shinozaki, is a 15 year old high school kid. He's small and gets picked on by some bullies. He falls in love with a cute girl in his class. He draws pictures of her in her bikini. She sees his drawings and slaps him silly. She asks Shinozaki to join the bicycle club. At first, he can't even ride a bike. He keeps practicing to impress her. Then, a short time later, he and his bicycle club friends enter a local bike race. He promises that he won't disappoint her.

This is a great combination of anime and road bike racing. The beginning starts off kind of slow. The first ten episodes is about Shinozaki meeting the cute girl and the events leading up to the race. The next fourteen episodes is about the big long race. There's a lot of flashbacks concerning each of the characters. It's kind of childish sometimes, but funny and cool most of the time. I like more mature anime, especially mecha, like Macross, Robotech, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Appleseed. I'm not talking about hentai when I'm talking about anime for adults. Japanese have very perverted tastes like hentai involving school girls getting raped by tentacles.

Anime always makes characters seem older than they're supposed to be. The upper class high school kids seem to look like they should be in their twenties. They portrayed a 30 year cyclist as an old man.

Anyway, Over Drive motivates me to cycle harder in preparation for the triathlon later this year. If they cycle in the pouring rain up steep mountains and bike 'til they drop, then I must train that hard too. Too bad I have so many hobbies and interests. All of them take up too much time. I need to be able to focus on one thing.

Follies in Court

One of the most interesting things I've seen in court is a motor scooter inside the well of the courtroom. I was addressing the court while a scooter was between me and the judge. It could have been a trial exhibit or it could have been the judge's ride.

Another time, I saw a judge that I appeared in front of before cycling to court. He brought his bike inside his chambers. I thought it was cool to see a judge cycling. Maybe I could bring my bike to court next time.

You know how cramped the seats are in court, right? Well I was trying to get out of the seats when my case was called. I tried to be careful, but had to hurry at the same time. I tripped on someone's foot and the judge laughed. Well, she knew who I was because I appeared many times in front of her.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Monrovia Canyon

Sarah and I were going to go the Rose Parade, but I didn't want to deal with the headaches of finding parking and finding a place to watch it with all those hundreds of thousands of fools. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena is jam packed with people for 5 1/s miles. Maybe I'll be a fool next year and watch it. But who knows? I've been making that same excuse for years.

We went hiking instead to Monrovia Canyon. We saw 6 deer there. It would have been a great place for hunters. Although I do not condone hunting for sport. I think it's okay for survival like in Man vs. Wild. I don't think even Bear Grylls can eat an entire deer though. He seems to be okay just eating live bugs.

Monrovia Canyon is a beautiful place to hike even though it's so close to home. I want to explore more of the trails there.

UFC 79 Nemesis

Josh and I saw UFC 79 Nemesis at Park's Bar and Grill in Burbank. At first, Josh didn't want to go in there, because he felt that the place was too scummy looking. He went to Hooter's, but they weren't showing it there for some reason. Then, we had no choice but to watch it at Park's. We had some Persian food somewhere else and came back. I ate some falafel and hummus with pita bread. It filled me up because I ate the whole thing.

When we got back, there weren't any seats left. At least we could stand and watch the tv screens, of which there were plenty of. Park's wasn't that bad of a place after all.

I predicted the winners of the fights beforehand. I thought George St. Pierre was going to beat Matt Hughes and that Chuck Lidell would crush Wanderlei Silva. I also knew who was going to win the other fights in the lesser known matches. I should have placed bets on these fights and made some money. But I think if I gambled, I would lose all my money. I'm just unlucky that way.

Too bad we can't go back to the good ol' days of the time of gladiators when they fought to the death. There was also a movie about underground fighting starring Jet Li in the movie, Unleashed. The people in the matches all had their unique fighting styles and had to fight each other to the death. Watching those fights brings out the ferocious animals in all of us.

Another Asian punk at the sports bar also got his testosterone pumping after watching the matches. He started yelling at this old guy asking why are you staring at me?! The old guy said that he was just watching the tv screen and that the punk was standing in front of it blocking his view. The big fat punk wanted to fight, but other guys told him to calm down. I was standing right there in front of them and could have said something, but I kinda wanted to see a fight for some reason. One time at a club several years ago, I broke up a fight at a Korean club. Maybe I should have let them duke it out too.

Whenever I watch something on tv, I start acting like the protagonists. If I watch UFC, I want to beat people up. If I see Dracula, I want to bite people on the neck, etc. This feeling only lasts until I watch a different movie. Then, I act like people on the latest film I've watched. I have a very short attention span. Maybe I should start watching less tv.