Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Monrovia Canyon

Sarah and I were going to go the Rose Parade, but I didn't want to deal with the headaches of finding parking and finding a place to watch it with all those hundreds of thousands of fools. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena is jam packed with people for 5 1/s miles. Maybe I'll be a fool next year and watch it. But who knows? I've been making that same excuse for years.

We went hiking instead to Monrovia Canyon. We saw 6 deer there. It would have been a great place for hunters. Although I do not condone hunting for sport. I think it's okay for survival like in Man vs. Wild. I don't think even Bear Grylls can eat an entire deer though. He seems to be okay just eating live bugs.

Monrovia Canyon is a beautiful place to hike even though it's so close to home. I want to explore more of the trails there.


Dave said...

Hiking ... parade... parade... hiking.... Hmmmm.... I do believe that you made the RIGHT CHOICE!! :-)

Have a great 2008!

David Kim said...

Thanks, Dave, for supporting my decision!

You have a great 2008 too!

Portia said...

What gorgeous trails to have so close to home! And the deer must be pretty nice, I see you got one to get a picture of you and Sarah together;)

David Kim said...

I love hiking, especially with my wife. I want her to run in marathons with me someday.

I also want to explore all the trails in Southern California and beyond.

abbagirl74 said...

It's beautiful! Sarah looks so tiny next to that sign.

David Kim said...


I wish the rest of Los Angeles was as pretty. Too bad, L.A. is such a dump for the most part.