Wednesday, January 02, 2008

UFC 79 Nemesis

Josh and I saw UFC 79 Nemesis at Park's Bar and Grill in Burbank. At first, Josh didn't want to go in there, because he felt that the place was too scummy looking. He went to Hooter's, but they weren't showing it there for some reason. Then, we had no choice but to watch it at Park's. We had some Persian food somewhere else and came back. I ate some falafel and hummus with pita bread. It filled me up because I ate the whole thing.

When we got back, there weren't any seats left. At least we could stand and watch the tv screens, of which there were plenty of. Park's wasn't that bad of a place after all.

I predicted the winners of the fights beforehand. I thought George St. Pierre was going to beat Matt Hughes and that Chuck Lidell would crush Wanderlei Silva. I also knew who was going to win the other fights in the lesser known matches. I should have placed bets on these fights and made some money. But I think if I gambled, I would lose all my money. I'm just unlucky that way.

Too bad we can't go back to the good ol' days of the time of gladiators when they fought to the death. There was also a movie about underground fighting starring Jet Li in the movie, Unleashed. The people in the matches all had their unique fighting styles and had to fight each other to the death. Watching those fights brings out the ferocious animals in all of us.

Another Asian punk at the sports bar also got his testosterone pumping after watching the matches. He started yelling at this old guy asking why are you staring at me?! The old guy said that he was just watching the tv screen and that the punk was standing in front of it blocking his view. The big fat punk wanted to fight, but other guys told him to calm down. I was standing right there in front of them and could have said something, but I kinda wanted to see a fight for some reason. One time at a club several years ago, I broke up a fight at a Korean club. Maybe I should have let them duke it out too.

Whenever I watch something on tv, I start acting like the protagonists. If I watch UFC, I want to beat people up. If I see Dracula, I want to bite people on the neck, etc. This feeling only lasts until I watch a different movie. Then, I act like people on the latest film I've watched. I have a very short attention span. Maybe I should start watching less tv.

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