Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'd like to come back to Vegas again. They should have videogames where you can earn money the better you play just like in the cartoon, "Robotech". Remember that one? I think with my mad videogame skills, I can make the casinos go bankrupt if they had games like that.Posted by Hello

MGM Grand. Look at that huge lion. I wonder how many people it can eat.Posted by Hello

Viva Las Vegas Posted by Hello

Excalibur.  Posted by Hello

Bellagio water show.  Posted by Hello

Sarah loves white tigers. They're cute when they're babies, but they'll eat you when they grow up. Just ask Siegfried and Roy. Heh heh.Posted by Hello

The Mirage volcano show.  Posted by Hello

This was at Luxor. In Las Vegas, you can see Egypt, Rome, Venice, Paris, New York, and other places all in one city. God, I love this town. Why does it feel so good to be in Sin City? Posted by Hello

We saw the Rick Thomas magic show and also Les Folies Bergere featuring nude female dancers. I was amazed how Rick Thomas did some of those tricks. I'm sure there's an easy secret to them. One of my friends told me that those magicians can only perform those magic tricks because they've sold their souls to the devil. Ah ha ha ha! I also liked the nude dancing showgirls. Unfortunately, my eyes are bad and we were sitting further away so I couldn't see much. It looked like 2 little dots to me and it looked like it was just part of their costumes. Drats!Posted by Hello

I wanted to jack one of those gondolas you see behind me and take it on a joyride with Sarah. Fortunately, my common sense told me that I couldn't get far away. You know I wasn't going to steal it. I was going to give it back. Honest.Posted by Hello

The Venetian rocks. We bought a Marriott time-share there, but I later decided to sell it back. Sometimes, I just get too caught up in the moment. I would have liked it there. Sarah doesn't like all the smoking going on there. She's sensitive to smoke. Posted by Hello

Ah, Venice. Actually, Sarah is at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I took Sarah there for Valentine's. We had a lot of fun in Sin City. You can see the whole world in one place. We went to almost all the major hotels. I love the design and theme of each of the places. It just blows me away. If you have a billion dollars you can design some pretty amazing stuff. With my budget, all I can create is my own website. Posted by Hello

Nice face, Chris. Chris got his gift stolen and in order to get his gift back, he had to reveal his talent. Chris' talent was making funny faces. I forget who he was trying to impersonate. Unfortunately, the group judged that his talent was not good enough to get his gift back. Somehow he ended up with the gift that he brought. Poor Chris. Well, at least he can be consoled in knowing that he has a wonderful talent. Keep it up, Chris. Posted by Hello

Chris Choi is stoked about the gift that he got. Too bad Deborah stole his gift later. We had a very humble group of people that didn't steal other people's gifts during the gift exchange game, exept for Chris. Oh well.  Posted by Hello

Look what I got for my gift!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

The guys are discussing which girl they like the most. Posted by Hello

We had a gift exchange game at our party. Mirae "Deborah" is opening up her gift. Everyone else is waiting in suspense to see what exciting gift she gets. Posted by Hello

Yaay, Tony! Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday, dear Tony Koo, happy birthday to yoouu! (Andy Nagai, Sarah's friend, Sarah, Mirae "Deborah", Han, Tony Koo, Chris Choi, Jin Kyung). Posted by Hello

This was taken at our Housewarming/Valentine's party on February 13, 2005. We invited some of our single friends over to hang out. We had a great time. Sarah and I made chicken, salad, a yam and apple desert, galbi, and potatoes. We played some games and trivia stuff.  Posted by Hello

Chronicles of Riddick

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (X-box). (Picture Deleted due to censorship.) This game is totally awesome. So far I've only played one hour of it, but I was into it the whole time. The graphics are great. The cutscenes are good too. You can shoot or you can fistfight in the game. It's a lot of fun bashing in people's faces. There's a lot of swearing in the game too which makes it even more fun. I was planning on writing a longer review, but I'd rather be playing the game. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Amen to that! Posted by Hello

Please God, give me lasagna and milk everyday. Forgive me for pissing on the carpet. I couldn't help myself. Please take vengeance on the dog that injured Pepper. And please grant me a wife soon. I pray that Pepper is safe in heaven. In your son's name I pray, Amen. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Here's Christine's fiancee, Christine, me, my wife, and my mom celebrating her birthday and eating some nice and expensive chocolate cake. She can have her cake and eat it too. Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday to my sister. She is now 25 years old. A quarter of a century year old. Now, she can rent a car and may be eligible for reduced insurance rates. Posted by Hello

Princess Pepper is making sure everyone is properly doing their work. Posted by Hello