Monday, July 24, 2006

A deer in front of the townhomes we were looking at in Burbank over the weekend. If we buy a home here, Bambi will be our neighbor. How cool would that be? Posted by Picasa

A famous co-worker that sits next to me shared some of her Oral Pleasure chocolate with me. I think the name of the chocolate is hilarious. It's made by a company called Bloomsberry & Co. Those dang Brits and their wacky of humor! One of the Nick(It) shirts I bought is also from England. The tag that came with the shirt said, "Approved by people who wear clothes." Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last Saturday, July 8, 2006, I went back to conquer El Prieto. There are a lot of side trails off the El Prieto singletrack trail in Pasadena nearby JPL. Last time, we got lost and went off course while riding down one of El Prieto's many forks in the road. We knew there had to be more to it since we read so many good things about it on mountain bike websites. Fortunately, this past Saturday, we rode the whole trail down. Boy, was it fun, but technical! Here's a shot of me going down a crazy steep angled slope before crossing the stream. What a blast! Posted by Picasa

Ice Age: The Meltdown. This was a great animated movie for kids. I saw a couple weekends ago with Mikey. It got Mikey's seal of approval. . . I think Mikey likes all the animated movies. It was pretty funny, but it leaned a lot towards the kiddy side. Ray Romano plays a woolly mammoth who has to avoid the dangerous effects of global warming with his buddies. The ice age is ending and a glacier is about to flood the entire area. They have to find higher ground or risk drowning. Meanwhile, he meets another female woolly mammoth played by Queen Latifah who thinks she's a possum. They think they're the last two woolly mammoths on earth. Since he thinks they're the last two, he hits on her by saying that they have a responsibility to continue the species. It was a cute movie. I give it a B, 83. Posted by Picasa

Oh no! My beautiful Hyundai!

Last Sunday, July 9, 2006, my parent's neighbor backed up into our Hyundai after I finished washing it. Dang it!! She smashed the driver's side door. Well, at least it wasn't my brand spankin' lookin' 240 hp Honda Accord EX V-6. If she smashed into that car, I'd be freakin' out. Since it was our Hyundai, I didn't care as much since it was kinda beat up anyway. That thing is an accident magnet. All these people ram into it and take off. There's a big dent on the passenger side too from last year.

When I went to talk to her, she started getting defensive. She made outrageous arguments like how I was partially to blame for parking there. Ha! I said that that had nothing to do with how the accident happened. I just finished washing the car and it's okay to park there in order to do that. Then, her husband said that I parked there too long and how it's against the homeowner's association CC&R's. He said he was a cop and I said that I was an attorney. I said that I didn't want to fight since we're neighbors. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my door fixed.

Oh $&%@!!! Too Much Prune Juice!!!!

On Wednesday, July 12, 2006, I drank too much prune juice. I'm writing to inform all of you to never make the same mistake that I did. Apparently, you're only supposed to drink about 4 oz. of it, not a tall glass of it like you would orange juice. I didn't really like the taste, but since I cannot waste any food, I just gulped it down real fast. A couple hours later, I paid for it dearly. I kept having to run to the bathroom several times. I didn't get much sleep that night. I blame Sarah since she read somewhere that prune juice is good for you and she read this recipe for some type of prune juice shake. I didn't like it that much, and I guess she didn't either. Or, she got tired of trying to make it again. Since I can't waste food, I just drank some more prune juice so that our purchase would not be for nought. Please, for the love of god, don't drink too much like I did. You'll pay for it all night and the next day too.
4th of July Fireworks

As promised, here's a short video of the 4th of July Fireworks that we saw. Sorry for not updating my blog as frequently as before.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gettin' ready to watch Fantavision, supernovas, and fireworks in the sky. Posted by Picasa

Me, Mikey, and Mikey's dad, Whoony. Posted by Picasa

The park was filled with tons of people all vying for prime spots to watch the fireworks. The only spot we could find was near a tent. I tried to take some videos of the fireworks, but my view was partially blocked. I'll post up the videos later. It takes time to upload them on to It wouldn't be the 4th of July without fireworks. Kinda like it wouldn't be New Year's Eve without Dick Clark. Posted by Picasa

The festivities started around noon with bands, games, tons of food booths, etc. Posted by Picasa

There were a lot of people gathered at the park to watch the fireworks show. Posted by Picasa

On July 4th, Sarah, Mikey, and Sarah's brother (Mikey's dad), went to see the fireworks show. At 8:00 p.m., there was a skydiving demonstration. Here's a photo of one of the skydivers carrying the American flag. Skydiving is on my list of stuff I want to do before I die. I'm going to do it even if it means the death of me. Posted by Picasa

Me at Glendora Mountain Road overlooking the view. Thanks, Freepcreep, for the Pearl Izumi bike jersey! I'm using it well. Posted by Picasa

This past Monday, July 3, 2006, Andy Nagai and I went road biking at Glendora Mountain Road. It was road bike heaven! The road is blocked off to cars for several miles. After we got to the other side of the mountain, we were able to take in breathtaking views of Crystal Lake. After 8 miles or so, the road lead to a fork in the road, one road lead to East Fork and the other road lead to Mt. Baldy Village. Since the road opened up to cars via another connecting road, we decided to head back since we didn't want to deal with any cars. The way back was pure adrenaline and speed. We reached speeds of over 37 miles an hour on twisty mountain roads. It took an hour or two to get up, but only a few minutes to get back down. I need to get another road bike. I lead the way going up, but he was a speed demon on the way down. His road bike had obvious advantages. His blade thin tires and giant gears helped him to burn up the road. He hardly pedaled on the way down. I was spinning like a maniac just to keep up. If I get a time trial bike with monster gears for downhills, I could probably go over 40 miles an hour. I once reached 50 miles an hour on a long downhill in San Diego on my mountain bike. Posted by Picasa

I made Sarah take a picture of my calves for my blog. Posted by Picasa

Calves of Steel: This is for my female fans. Check them out and enjoy! Posted by Picasa

Calves of Steel

Today, when I was biking home, this pretty young girl in a red car shouted, "Hey! You've got calves of steel!!" I felt good. I felt like I got a 5 mph boost to my speed. About a mile later, I passed her again and she shouted, "Go! Go! Go!" That kind of encouragement helps me to ride faster.

I take any compliment I can get. This is far different from the usual honking and crazy rude driving I typically have to experience from other cars. A lot of @$$holes yell curses at me instead when I'm riding. Sometimes, anger helps me to ride faster too. I usually catch up to them at the next light and give them a piece of my mind. I know this kind of bike rage is probably dangerous, but at least it helps relieve some temporary pent-up anger within me. I'm a completely different person when I'm on a bike or in a car.

Anyway, I felt good getting a nice compliment for once. I really felt like I had more horsepower afterwards. I believe I made a record time of 35 minutes when I biked 10 and a half miles from work to my home.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I noticed a small piece of glass in my tire. Scummy bastards throw a lot of their beer bottles on the side of the road and there's always hazards everywhere. Now I have a flat tire, dang it!

About a month ago, a couple of girls were so impressed with my trackstand abilities at the stoplight that they took a picture of me. Maybe, I'll end up on their blog or something.

We need more nice people on the road instead of jerkoffs.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kim Hee Sun. She used to be my favorite Korean actress ever since I watched the Korean mini-series, "Propose" in 1997. I really liked it for some reason. I watched it like 3 times. It's 16 episodes long and each episode is about one hour. I even bought the soundtrack and listened to it a thousand times. I saw her other mini-series like Mr. Q, Wedding Dress, Tomato, and Sunflower. I got really into Korean videos ever since watching her dramas. She's the best Korean actress ever! Too bad she doesn't star in anymore Korean dramas. She always plays the part of a sweet innocent girl like Cinderella trying to make it in this dangerous world. Posted by Picasa