Monday, August 13, 2007

Dinner and Bowling

Sorry just bowling pics; no dinner and dessert pics.

On Saturday, August 11, 2007, Sarah and I went to eat at Noodle City. It was right next door to Noodle World, which was much bigger. I wonder if there is Noodle Universe. The food was pretty good.

Then, we went to Beard Papa for some cream puffs for dessert. Pastor Iris, Fenny, Sarah Park, Fong, and James were also present.

We went to go bowling. Here are some of the pictures. I can't throw spins. I can only throw straight. I got a 143 and Sarah got about 100. Everyone else did pretty well. My average is probably 120. I haven't improved at all since junior high. My highest score was 181 back in San Diego for Midnight Madness bowling.


miyon said...

I can't bowl!!! Ever since I dropped the bowling ball on my dad's foot when I was four or five, I'd had bowling anxiety!

David Kim said...



I have golfing anxiety ever since my sister hit me with a golf club over 20 years ago. I stood right behind her when she was ready to hit the ball. I'm glad she didn't crack my skull.

Portia said...

funny, i was just talking about noodle fanatics the other day...that must be where they hang out!

the bowling looks like fun. it's one of those things i only do about once every 7 years or so but it's always a good time.

David Kim said...


I only bowl every 1 or 2 years too. I only feel good about bowling when I do well like when I get a few strikes and get a decent score. Otherwise, I feel like it's a huge waste when I get gutterballs.