Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bible Fight

Pick your favorite bible character and see who wins Street Fighter II style. The controls and combos are simplistic, but what do you expect for an Adult Swim flash game?

I had an idea like this before that involved making Pokebible playing cards. I thought it'd be a big hit with the church kids and would get them to read up on all their favorite Pokebible characters in the bible.


Portia said...

DUDE. I keep getting stomped by Noah's ark. Well the animals from the ark anyway. Cool game.

Clever idea, by the way, about the Pokebible playing cards.

miyon said...

You should do the Pokebible cards. Personally, I don't get the Pokeman craze. I watch that show and get nothing from it.

David Kim said...


Yeah, Noah can summon all the animals from the ark. I got trampled upon several times too, until I figured out how to whoop Noah's ass with Moses walking stick. Hahahaha!


I totally want to make the Pokebible cards, but I don't know who to talk to in order to publish those cards. I don't want to get screwed by taking my idea to a publisher and them stealing my idea. I hear that happens sometimes.

miyon said...

Do you have know someone who knows their way around Photoshop pretty well? I don't know how the copyright works with Pokemon stuff but just make your own for your church kids.

David Kim said...


I made some PokeBible cards for my church kids last year. They seemed to like it a lot, but I had to draw a whole bunch of them by hand.

I need to find some good artists and people who can create those types of cards.