Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Japanese Nisei Week

We went to see the festival in Little Tokyo for Nisei Week. We saw a bunch of taiko drummers. It was fun to see and hear them play those huge drums. You can feel the beating of the taikos reverberating in your chest. I just hope that we weren't celebrating the drumming Japan used in their battles, especially against Korea.

Overall, though, we had a good time there, and there was plenty of stuff to see. Mikey played in the kid's jumping area. There were also some fixed up import cars on display. An anime convention was also held a couple blocks away in the mall.


Portia said...

looks like it was a fun & lively festival. i love the art of the bonsai trees!

i am always drawn to the drums as they carry such powerful energy. though i too would want to know what i am celebrating, because sometimes cultural festivals do celebrate past victories.
hey, it's better than reliving it. around here, a lot of people are into the hobby of civil war reinactments, something i am truly at a loss to understand.

David Kim said...


Those are grown men who still like playing war. If I was in there, I wouldn't pretend to get shot and die like a lot of them do. How do they even know when to act like they got shot? I would keep charging up to the enemies and pretend I'm a one man killing machine. I probably won't be invited back to play "Civil War" anymore though......

miyon said...

You know, I never have asked... is Mikey your nephew or a friend's son? Oh my gosh, if he's your own son I'm going to feel so rotten. lol He sure is a cutie. Sounds like a lot of fun!

David Kim said...


Mikey is my nephew. He's Sarah's brother's kid.