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Thursday, August 02, 2007 

Strangest Sights on Google Earth

Check out this link to see the weird and wonderful things you can find on Google Earth. I love traveling and so I love maps. Google Earth is great for exploring our world. Hopefully in the future, they'll have real time Google Earth and you can zoom in and see exactly what each person is doing. That'd be scary, wouldn't it? You can travel anywhere on earth through your computer screen, but you'd have to watch out for big brother and freaky stalkers. They might have Google Moon and Google Mars too.

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awesome link, thanks! they found some crazy shots! i love google earth but sometimes it doesn't seem to zoom in as close as i thought it would...but maybe i was not patient enough.

I think they'll keep improving the technology as times go by. The maps might be in high resolution in the near future.

Great link. I found you through Portia. I saw your name and knew instantly that you must be Korean. Found your blog, and behold! I am half-Korean and living in the boring state of Kansas. I would love to come back and visit.

Hi, Abbagirl74! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

Pretty cool.


Yep. Google Maps now has Street View for Los Angeles. It's cool to be able to see what the buildings look like before I go there. I hope technology keeps improving. I love it.

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