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Monday, October 29, 2007 

Me & Scooby Doo

Or Scrappy Doo in this case.

he's an adorable scooby doo:) are you training him in marathon trick-or-treating? (jst kiddng:)

Well, Portia, I want to take him on marathon trick-or-treating sessions for Halloween, but his dad is a dentist so he probably can't eat that much candy.

LOL..not the type to let his kid scarf 30 lbs of candy in a week?? Mine weren't either:( It's OK, he's Scooby, so he will have a great time!

He's so cute!


I'm glad my parents let me eat anything I wanted. They always wanted me to eat a lot of food.


Mikey thanks you for the compliment.

Awww, what a cute lil' Scrappy Doo Mikey made!


MIkey is going to grow up to be a heart-breaker.

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