Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Attempts at Online Comic Strips

I originally wanted to make a comic ranting about things that happen in my life. Unfortunately, these cookie cutter comics just don't let me do that with their limited drawings. Hopefully, I can find a cool program that let's me draw and make my own cartoons. I don't want to have to draw them by hand. I'm not good at drawing. I guess I can do stick figures.


Portia said...

Not bad for a free web generator. I don't know what kind of computer you use but my Mac came with Comic Life which is kinda fun but you have to import the pictures yourself. My husband played around wth it and made the babies into superheroes:) I can only imagine what you could do with a "real" program!

David Kim said...

I use a PC.

That's cool you can do that with Comic Life. Making your kids into superheroes sounds really fun.

Who know what kind of twisted comics I can make if I had a cool program to make them. I really want to make more creative comics.