Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've Been Attacked!

I got assaulted today when I was riding my bike. I was going north on Alameda in Little Tokyo Downtown L.A. A car passed by me dangerously close on the right hand lane. Cars are supposed to give plenty of room to safely pass cyclists. When he stopped at the intersection to make a right turn on 4th Street, I passed him on the left and yelled at him to watch out. I continued biking north on Alameda, when all of a sudden the passenger threw some small object at my head. Fortunately, I wasn't injured. The driver drove slowly and the passenger shouted, "I'm going to kill you, @#$%er! I'm gonna shoot you! @#$%er!" They kept yelling and shouting obscenities at me for a couple blocks. At the intersection of 2nd and Alameda, I pulled out my cell phone and told them I'm calling the police. They took off. After about an hour after calling 911, a couple officers came and took my statement. I waited at the corner of 2nd and Alameda. I saw 5 police cars go by until finally the 6th car came and stopped to help me.

I told them it was 2 young Hispanic guys in their early 20's in a light baby blue Ford Fiesta or Festiva. It looked like it was made in the 1980's. The license plate was either 3TVW239 or 3TXW239. They both had shaved or nearly shaved heads.

I hope the cops get them.


miyon said...

Eeek! I'm in Sioux Falls and not much happens 'round these parts. Our top stories are geese befriending the elderly and, well, who knows what. One of our news anchors' names is Rusty Lord. LOL

David Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that you're living in a safe area with no crime.

I've had a lot of instances with rude and/or crazy automobile drivers who honk at me, try to run me over, and just don't drive safely around me.

This was definitely assault and battery when someone throws something at a cyclist.

Rusty Lord must be a relative to one of our news weatherman, Dallas Raines or Johnny Mountain.