Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ride to the Beach

My coworker, Hadi, and I biked to Venice and Santa Monica Beach after work last night. It was a fun ride. Biking along the beach is the greatest when you're on a road bike. The ocean air is great and it feels so fast passing by so many people and other bikers.

Hadi also bikes to work sometimes like me. He did a good job of keeping up with me on his dual suspension mountain bike. All that hard work at the gym helped him out.

I got some good training in. I biked a total of over 60 miles for the day.

We're planning on riding even more next time along the coast.


miyon said...

You are a biking maniac!!!

David Kim said...

Thanks, MiYon!

David Kim said...

The other day when I was in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Downtown L.A., I saw a judge that I appeared in front of before bring his bike into court. It's cool to see a judge biking to his courtroom. I guess I'm not the only biking maniac.