Monday, March 31, 2008



I was trying to go down all the stairs in my building from my floor. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

The security clowns in my building said that the head of security didn't want me taking my bike through the main lobby. So now I can't take my bike on the regular elevators. I have to take the freight elevator with the rest of the chumps. It wouldn't be bad if the wait wasn't that long. I seriously wait 30 minutes for the freight elevators just because there is so much construction going on in this building. They stop at almost every floor in this building which has about 60 floors or so. One time I waited over an hour because one of the freight elevators was not working. The elevators are always full. If I can't get on, then I have to wait again for the next one. I see the disappointment and frustration on all the people's faces when the elevator is full. They just have to stand there and wait. There are guys waiting on almost every floor. This building sucks compared to its bigger twin. I had no problems when we were on the 40th Floor of the other building. The security guys are not as friendly and cool. The elevators work fine. There's no construction going on. There's no false alarms going on forcing us to leave the office every month or so. I can take the regular elevators.

I had to carry my bike down the stairs, because I didn't want to wait forever for that stinking freight elevator. There are extra stairs to go down, because the exit is at the lowest level, not the 1st floor.

The staircase is really slippery. It's 10 times worse when you have road bike shoes with plastic Look cleats on. Even my bike, which is very light, started weighing a ton after awhile.

I brought my mountain bike so that I could go down the stairwell. I'm usually pretty good at going down stairs on my bike. The staircase in our building was just too slippery. They must have put Teflon on the metal steps. My bike tires had no traction at all. Plus, there wasn't enough room for my bike to clear the corners at the bottom of each level. My bike was longer than the level at the bottom.

I wanted to go down all the way to the bottom, but I probably would end up all battered and bruised, if not dead by falling off the side of the railing.

I wanted to look cool by clearing all the stairs, but I ended up looking like one of the guys from Jackass instead.


Portia said...

OUCH! It was good to see you get up so quickly. That really bites about your building. I can't understand why taking your bike through the lobby would be so awful. Lots of people bike to work out there right? Seems like something people would want to promote.

David Kim said...


I swear I'm much better at riding down stairs than that!

Those stairs were very slippery. My tires had no traction, and they slipped. I have no problems going down concrete stairs instead of these Teflon laced steps.

abbagirl74 said...

Wow, you are actually human! I was beginning to think you were a superhero on a bike.

David Kim said...


I'm more like a bumbling fool in this video.