Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bee Sting on My Eye

Yesterday, when I was riding my bike, a bee stung me on my lower left eyelid. Now, my left eye is really swollen. Somehow, the bee went underneath my sunglasses. It stung me about 1 cm away from my eyeball. I was going almost 30 mph too, and I had to pull over and flick it off. I rushed home to take out the stinger, because that was the only place where I could see it with a mirror. I put some ice on it and it should be okay in a few days. I have the worst luck with bees. This is my 4th time getting stung by a bee while riding a bike. Before I got stung while riding my mountain bike on my leg. Another time, a bee was on my backpack and stung my hand. Another time was on my arm. I got stung about a dozen times while minding my own beeswax. One time, I was swimming and a bee in the pool stung me. I'm unlucky that way. Dang it!

I hope the swelling goes away by Saturday. I'm the Best Man at Andy's wedding. I don't want to look retarded during the wedding.

Now that I think about it, there was an omen prior to my bee sting. There was a huge swarm of bees near my office building earlier that day. There was a security guard outside warning me of the swarm. I saw on the news that a truck carrying millions of bees flipped over on the freeway too.

I've been sick with the flu for two weeks. I'm better now thanks to my wife keeping me heavily medicated.

I also rant about the fact that there are tons of inattentive and rude drivers out there. I almost got hit several times when cars tried to make left turns right in front of me. They just see the cars in front of me. That's how I got hit a couple months back. I need to get a loud horn to warn cars to watch out.

Also drivers should not honk at cyclists if they're behind them. Drive around me by going to the next lane and pass me with lots of space. Don't just zip by inches away from me at 60 mph.


Dave said...

Minding your own beeswax... You got me laughing n that one! How is it going regarding your claim for the damages to your bike? Regarding you getting a horn for your bike... I think you need a sawed off shotgun to take out their tires! Be careful out there David! :-)

David Kim said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I always appreciate your comments.

I've settled my claim against the person who hit me. I still have to wait for the check.

I'll try to be careful out there. I hope that drivers are super careful around me. I've been having a string of bad luck on my bike lately.

Portia said...

You have had a rough go lately, but it's cool that you stick with it! Two weeks is a long time to have the flu, I'm glad you're feeling better. Good luck out there!

David Kim said...


Yeah, there are a lot of dangers out on the road, but I still loving biking.

David Kim said...


Yeah, there are a lot of dangers out on the road, but I still loving biking.