Monday, March 24, 2008

Andy & Ayako's Wedding

Andy's wedding, 3/22/08, went pretty well. It took place at the Kyoto Hotel and Gardens, formerly known as the New Otani Hotel and Gardens. I was the best man. I was kinda nervous during my speech, but I think people thought it was pretty funny. I think having a powerpoint presentation helped when I was doing a name acronym for Andy. It was easier for people to follow along when they can see it visually.

It was a nice and very warm day. People were pretty hot sitting there in the sun. Andy and Ayako gave there thank-you speeches to their parents.

Kyung was the maid of honor.

I hope that Andy and Ayako are having a blast in their honeymoon to Catalina Island.


Portia said...

What a beautiful place to get married! Congratulations on carrying out your honor as best man, I'm sure you did a great job. And best wishes to the newlyweds!

David Kim said...


Thanks. I'm sure Andy and his new wife are enjoying each other during their honeymoon right now.