Monday, March 31, 2008

Ice Skating

After our delicious dinner, we went ice skating. Tony and his wife also came.

The last time I went ice skating was about 9 years ago. I went with church friends. Some of us were holding hands. I was trying to go faster. A girl who was hanging on to my hand was losing control. Instead of letting go, she kept hanging on. Then, she slipped, and her head landed on the ice. She got a big lump on her head. I felt bad ever since and didn't want to go ice skating after that.

A lot of people were falling on the ice when we went this weekend. Some guys were crazy and were weaving in and out of traffic. Some punks were going the wrong way and almost made me fall.

About an hour later, I saw that there was a big crowd over someone. I went to see who it was hoping it wasn't someone from our group, but alas, it was. Some girl made Fenny fall. She hit her tailbone hard and was in a lot of pain. That brought the end to our fun. We decided to call it quits early after that.

Mikey surprisingly was a quick learner. At the end he was skating by himself for a little bit. He wanted to go skating again. Mikey agreed with his dad that he would not go to Chuck E. Cheese if he gets to go ice skating.


Portia said...

Good for you for going again, it looks like a lot of fun...except for your friend's fall, sorry to hear about that.

David Kim said...


It seems that someone always gets her when I go ice skating with others.

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