Monday, January 30, 2006

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Talk about Hollywood trying to squeeze every last dime out of a successful series, sheesh! I wish this film wasn't made or at the very least, I wish I didn't see it. As Stifler's younger brother would say, "This movie sucks donkey dick."

Now, I know why this film went straight to video. It's really bad.

Anyone who has seen the first three American Pie movies know that Stifler was a totally ubnoxious arrogant jerk. Sure, he was annoying, but there were times when he got into a lot of trouble that actually made the movie funny, like when he had to eat dog crap in American Wedding.

Stifler's younger brother wants to follow in big brother's footsteps. He puts pepper spray into the school's band during graduation. The guidance counselor, who played the Sherminator, sends him to band camp as punishment so that he can learn to get along with people. At first, Stifler causes a lot of trouble and everyone hates him. He tries to make a video called Bandeez Gone Wild. Later on, he starts falling for the band leader. He erases all the video clips of the band camp geeks getting their freak on at the end when he develops a conscience.

This video just didn't have the first 3 films' hilariousness. This film just goes to prove that merely telling raunchy jokes does not a good comedy make. Younger brother just can't measure up to big brother.

This film has a cheesy sugary-sweet ending, but most of the characters were just not likable. The band leader's best friend was a scary looking goth chick. Yuck! Baby Stifler's geeky roommate had the hots for her and then performed the nasty with each other. I thought it was unrealistic until I remembered stories I've heard about kids doing stuff during church camp. I was a good kid. I just slept at church camp. Apparently some kids weren't sleeping since they were getting too busy at the coeds' cabin.

The Asian hip hop wannabe and the Fat Albert lookalike were just embarassing to watch since their acting was reprehensible.

The face off competition between Stifler and the rich blonde jerk was like a really bad version of "You Got Served" band camp style. The kid ran off after everyone cheered for Stifler when he played the bagpipe. Come on! This sux!

For some reason, gross pranks just weren't as hilarious as the first three films. When Stifler jizzed into the bottle of sunscreen and the other guys put it on their face, it was only somewhat funny. It was missing that elusive comic ingredient needed to make it laugh-out-loud funny.

Also, when Stifler put his tiny weinie into an oboe and got it stuck, I was not laughing when perhaps I would have in the other films. I guess I was too tired and bored from all the other non-funny scenes in the movie, that I forgot it was funny.

This movie might be okay for really immature teens who aren't able to see real "R" rated movies. Otherwise, it's a huge disappointment. It shouldn't carry the American Pie name. There's only one guy, Eugene Levy, who is from the movie. Everyone else didn't want to be part of it. Even the original Stifler wasn't in the movie. It's always lame when they show someone else who is supposed to be the original character. Why'd they even think it was necessary to show some random guy just so that they can make a scene where little brother talks with big brother over the phone?!

My rating: 59, F+.

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