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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Bike Ride at the Beach with My Wife

Sarah and I went biking at the beach over the weekend. I was impressed with the fact that we biked 18 miles considering she hasn't biked in about 20 years. We went up and down the coast of Santa Monica, Venice, and Will Rogers State Beach. We had a nice strawberry smoothie to quench our thirst. Next time we'll go even farther and faster. Sarah wanted a comfort bike so I got her one, a Schwinn Sierra GS. She wants a basket on it. She thinks my bikes are too uncomfortable for her.

I want about ten more bikes in the future. I'll need to get a house with a big garage. I want to get a road racing bike, a dual suspension cross country bike, a downhill DH mountain bike, a tandem bike, a recumbent, a fixed gear track bike, a BMX trick bike, a folding bike, another mountain bike, and another high end time trial bike.

Hopefully, I can get a motorcycle too.

Just one motorcycle? :) Just kidding. How cool! A shared hobby, and you guys covered a lot of ground already! I like the bike your wife got, and can relate to her wanting to be comfortable. Have fun:)


I just want one motorcycle for now. A sport bike. Maybe, I'll get some more after my first one.

Sarah's comfort bike is comfortable, but not fast.

Hopefully, we'll bike some more. I want her to get faster so we can really start racing.

Racing yet? Either way I hope you guys are busy riding and having fun on the bikes:)


Hahaha! Progress has been a lot slower than anticipated when it comes to racing on our bikes.

Sarah and I haven't been riding too much. I connected Sarah's bike on our bike trainer so that she could ride her bike in the living room while watching her tv shows.

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