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Thursday, July 12, 2007 

Man vs. Wild

This is my new favorite show during the summer off-season since Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica aren't on.

Bear Grylls is undeniably the man. He teaches you all sorts of neat survival skills in different exotic locations. All I need is a water bottle, a knife, and a flint, and I can survive....with a well-equipped camera crew to follow me in case I'm dying.

If I get lost on a mountain biking trek, I'll have to survive by eating bugs and drinking dew off of plants. I think I'll be able to survive since I can go for long periods of time without food and then eat like a camel. Another survival advantage I have is that I'm not too picky about food. I can eat almost anything. Many of my well-fed lap of luxury-type friends and co-workers wont' be able to survive long. They are too dependent on fancy restaurants and living a fancy lifestyle.

i can't help but wonder about myself. i am not the fittest but have amazing stamina, as i learned when once i got lost on a 9 hour hike in montana.

never heard of Bear Grylls...is his show network or cable?

yea I like that show a lot too! LOL... I'd never find my way by myself though. I'm kinda learning from the show too! my hubbie would be good at finding his way and surviving. lol...

i forgot to sign it-

Man vs. Wild is on the Discovery Channel, Portia.

Thanks for stopping by Annie!

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