Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blade Runner

"The Fastest Man on No Legs" Oscar Pistorius is drawing lots of attention lately since he's been winning lots of races....with no legs! Well, he has Cheetah carbon fiber prosthetic blades for legs. Some people are criticizing him for having an unfair advantage! Now, he may be banned from running in the 2008 Summer Olympics if his opposition have their way.

I say let the boy run and compete in the Olympics. There are plenty of people with one leg or no legs that run in the Paralympics. Why are they singling him out? Just because he's really fast? I think that he is an incredible inspiration to everyone.

Pistorius is a 20 year old kid from South Africa. His legs were amputed when he was only 11 months old.


Portia said...

incredible! i agree with you; isn't that what the Paralympics are all about?

David Kim said...

He should run in the Olympics if he's fast enough, and he is more than fast. I don't think he has any advantages. If anything, he has had to overcome a lot of disadvantages to get to the point he's at right now. More power to him!

miyon said...

Inspirational. :)

David Kim said...


Yeah, he's incredible!