Friday, July 13, 2007

Mountain Biking is Awesome!

More mountain biking pictures


Portia said...

that's it. i'm pulling my bike out. it's one of the few belongings i have left at my mothers, and if i remember correctly it needed some work. if i start now, i just might get a few rides in before summer ends.

i wish there were some trails around here like i see in your pictures! i will have to look into it and see what may be around that i don't know about.

david santos said...

Very nice work, thank you

David Kim said...


You'd be surprised at how many wonderful things there are all around you. I started biking around my neighborhood and went to places few people have gone before. I just picked up a map and saw places that might have good trails like on hills. Even in crowded L.A., there are spots where there's hardly anyone on hilly trails. I can see breathtaking views and it's only a few minutes away from all the congestion. Just bike up to a hill.

miyon said...

You are one dedicated biker. I'm too lazy for that.

David Kim said...


I'm lazy too, but I like to bike since it's so much fun!