Monday, July 30, 2007

Too Many Flats!

I've been biking on my triathlon bike and I've gotten 5 flats in the past couple weeks. It's really driving me nuts. I hope I don't get any flats while I'm in a real race.

Last week, a piece of metal connecting the armrests of my Ritchey aero bars broke off. I guess I put too much weight on it and it bent. Then, it snapped off. I thought I had to buy a new aero bar set, but I found a welder who put it back together. It wasn't for as cheap as I'd thought it'd be though.

Man, my bike has been going through a lot of pain riding the roads of L.A.


Portia said...

yikes, i hope your bike's luck looks up soon. still bound to be better than paying for gas and car repairs, no?
these things happen. it's just a phase, i'm sure.

David Kim said...

Yeah, biking is much better than driving. It's actually faster biking than driving in "rush hour" traffic. It usually takes me 45 minutes to get home driving b/c I'm stuck in traffic. On my bike, it takes me 30 minutes to get home. I love the freedom of biking. I save on gas and get good exercise.