Monday, November 12, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Razor

This should have been called Battlestar Pegasus since that's what the movie focuses on.

TV Guide has said that Battlestar Galactica is the best show on television. It's a great sci-fi series that appropriately airs on the Sci-Fi channel. The show has great special effects and great drama, if you accept the fact that Cylon robots have now evolved to look exactly like humans. It's amazing how they make those robots look and act just like people!

Too bad that this, the fourth season, will be the last. If this aired on a major network like NBC, then I'm sure it would do better. It's much better than that crappy Heroes show. Heroes was good the first season, but the second sophomore season sucks bantha fodder so far. Hopefully, they can bring things back soon. With this WGA writer's strike, however, that might take awhile.

In this plot filler of an episode, Lt. Kendra Shaw, a new character in the show, is the center of this movie. Lt. Shaw is assigned to the Pegasus under the command of Admiral Helena Cain.

The Cylons have just destroyed most of humanity and the Pegasus has just narrowly escaped. Admiral Cain has a lesbian affair with a female Cylon, but she does not realize it until Kendra reveals that she's a robot whore.

Admiral Cain is one ruthless bi@tch of a commander and orders the Cylon chick to be tortured and humiliated to obtain information from her or it. Cain is one Machiavellian female leader. She orders her protege, Kendra, to take all the supplies from a civilian spaceship, because military needs outweigh everything else during wartime. Kendra, a sharp razor, does as ordered. When the civilians resist, Kendra is the first one to shoot. Later on, she struggles with guilt and shoots herself up with drugs to ease the pain.

***Warning Spoilers*******

Starbuck and Kendra go on board in old Cylon base and see Cylons from the 70's Battlestar Galactica (BSG) show. They have been capturing humans and studying them to make organic Cylon/Human hybrids. They try to blow up the Cylon spacestation, but their remote nuclear trigger is broken, so one of them has to stay behind and manually blow the place up. Lee Adama who has been promoted to be the Commander of Battlestar Pegasus by his daddy, Admiral Edward James Olmos, orders his not-so-secret lover, Starbuck, to stay behind and nuke the spacestation. Starbuck gets teary eyed but follows orders. However, before she blows the place up, Kendra orders her to leave with the other no-name space soldiers. Kendra stays behind to blast the place to smithereens. Before she could pull the trigger, an old man (Cylon?) tells her that he knows everything that is going to happen. He says that Starbuck will lead humanity to their ultimate destruction. Kendra tries to tell Adama, but her transmission is jammed. Kendra then blows the place up.

This was another great episode. Too bad it didn't have Grace Park star in it. Grace only appears for a couple seconds. What's up with that?

This wasn't as intense as the mid-season finale, the Eye of Jupiter, that they showed at one of the advance screenings I went to last year.

My rating: 90, A-

Highs: "Star Wars" like special effects; "Alias" level drama; Return of the 1970's Cylons that were lost in space; great acting.

Lows: Where the frack is Grace Park, the best star of the frackin' show?; Too many flashbacks to Kendra's killing of innocent civilians (oh boo hoo, we frackin' get it already!); no physical evidence of the lesbian love affair with Admiral Cain and Cylon Number 5 (just kidding!).

Verdict: A great season premiere to the final season to one of the best shows on television, BSG.

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