Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sarah at the BMW Ultimate Drive

I took Sarah to the BMW Ultimate Drive at New Century BMW. We drove the sexy BMW 328Ci Convertible and the powerful 550i. Sarah really liked the convertible a lot and wanted to buy it. Later on, when I drove like a maniac, my poor wife got sick and refunded her lunch and dinner. I felt bad afterward.

On another day, I also drove some more BMWs at Pacific BMW. I just can't get enough.


miyon said...

David, I sent you an invite to my private, personal blog to your gmail email address a couple of days ago. :)

David Kim said...


Thanks for inviting me to read your personal blog. I feel so special now.

Portia said...

that little old white car is crazy lookin! too bad about sarah losing her lunch...i hope she still wants the car!:)

David Kim said...

The tiny car is a BMW Isetta. Steve Urkel from Family Matters drove that car.