Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jet Skis

On Labor Day, September 3, 2007, Sarah, Mikey, and Whoony (Mikey's Dad), and I went to Dana Point to go jetskiing. It was a heck of a lot of fun! The acceleration on those babies were incredible. I just felt pure speed and adrenaline when I squeezed the throttle. It felt like they accelerated from 0-50 in 2 seconds. I guess they're the motorcycles of the sea. With their light weight and low friction since they skim across the water, they go very fast. Even Sarah had fun, although she screamed with terror when I put it in full throttle. I almost lost my wife in the ocean, because it got very bumpy going across the choppy waves at top speed and she almost fell off. Every time, I felt her bumping up and down and losing her grip on me, I had to slow down, because it wouldn't be good if she fell off.

Mikey and Whoony were on their own jet ski, but Mikey was really scared. So, unfortunately, Whoony couldn't go that fast either.

Afterwards, we went swimming in one of the beaches in Laguna Beach. The weather there was very nice. It was much cooler than in L.A. Mikey was scared of the waves. He didn't even want to touch the water.

When we got home, we all played with Mikey's Nintendo Wii that his dad bought for him. Mikey beat me up in Wii Sports Boxing. He also kicked my butt in Bowling. His average is 180. He's also good at Tennis and Baseball. He's really good for a 5 year old kid. He might be the next video game champion when he grows up and enters those tournaments. He's had a lot of practice with the V Tech video game system for kids. We also played Wii Play, but that is a bunch of mini-games, which I felt was kinda cheesy. The Duck Hunt game felt just like the original Nintendo Duck-Hunt with the light gun back in the 1980's. Hasn't technology vastly improved in over 20 years?!

Sarah also liked playing with the Wii. Hopefully, she'll let me get one. I have to keep opening her eyes to the fun world of videogames so that she'll let me play them and buy a system. I totally regret selling my modded Xbox and PS2.

Sarah liked jetskiing so much that she wants to buy a couple when we buy a house with a big garage.

Now, I'm planning on other fun activities and adventures for us to go on. It's going to be tough getting her to go skydiving with me....


miyon said...

Dude, Mikey sounds my little brother. He was a video game master. Kids called him Nintendo Master in elementary school. LOL Remember when Nintendo first came out? We got one for Christmas that year and played Mario Bros. so much and got so good that we would play with our feet and the controllers upside down!

David Kim said...

Wow! Playing upside down with your feet?! That's talent!

Portia said...

yay! i'm so excited you both liked the jetskis enough to get some one day! ew that will be so much fun.

i have heard so much about this Wii. everybody loves it, and it was so much more affordable than the new PS. (right?) i've only seen one, at a bar, and the only game they had on it was fishing, which worked pretty well there. you just use the little remote. pretty nifty!

David Kim said...


We'll see about the jet skis. Housing is so unaffordable here that it will take us a long time before we buy a house with a big garage. Right now, even with the current housing slump, L.A. condos cost $500,000 or more.

Yeah, I want to play with my Wii.