Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sam and Deborah's Wedding

On Sunday, September 1, 2007, we went to Sam Oh and Deborah Lee's Wedding. It was at Centennial Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. Sam said it was the best birthday he ever had, since the wedding was on his birthday.

It was broiling over Labor Day weekend. Temperatures were over 110 all weekend in the valleys. I'm hoping it cools down soon. My wife and I had a hard time sleeping because it was so hot. I had 2 fans blowing on me while I was sleeping. The thermostat gauge was off the hook. It was so hot in my "penthouse" (top story) apartment, that you couldn't even see the needle, because it was all the way down and to the left, which must have meant that it was over 110 degrees inside.

That's why I didn't wear a suit to the wedding. It was not out of disrespect for Sam and Deb. I only wear suits when I absolutely have to like when I go to court. I can't believe attorneys have to wear suits in this type of heat. As an aside, I remember when I went to Korea for the Law School Summer Abroad Program. I had to wear a suit all the time, because I interned at a law firm in Seoul. I had to walk a mile to the bus stop or subway station in hot and humid conditions and walk another mile or so to the office. I was drenched in sweat. Wouldn't it look more professional if I was in a t-shirt and shorts instead of looking like I just got out of a sauna in my suit?

Sorry for going off on a tangent, but I hate summer heat. Sam and Deb's wedding was very nice. It was cooler in the evening. The wedding and dinner were held outside. I saw a bunch of my friends from UC San Diego. The only time I see some of them is at friends' weddings now. Some people in the pictures are: Chris, Jane, Max, Nick, Bill, and Phil.

On Sunday, Sarah and I went to the mall to try to stay cool. The mall wasn't even that cool because there were so many people inside.


miyon said...

Holy crap, that's hot. Sounds like you had a good time at the wedding, though. :)

Portia said...

wow you guys had a big weekend. i totally understand about the heat. not that i represent people in court, but i have always had professional jobs requiring professional dress and the heat of summer can make it hard to pull off. lovely wedding!

David Kim said...


Yeah it was very hot. It's still hot, but less extreme than last week. The hottest temperatures I've been in was in El Centro/Calexico. Temperatures there reached 120, but felt like 126 with the humidity factor. Yuck!

David Kim said...


Yeah, I sure wish we didn't have to wear suits, especially when it's so hot outside. I like wearing t-shirts and shorts. . . and even less at home.