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Monday, October 15, 2007 

Sarah Wii Boxing

Here's a clip of Sarah on the Nintendo Wii. I can't believe she beat me on the punching bag training game. I wonder who looks sillier? video

Sarah's quick too! I've seen the fishing & bowling games but this is the first time I've seen the boxing, it looks like so much fun.

I want to get a Wii too. Right now, we just play it when we stop by Mikey's house.

I thought she was going to hit the television. She won because she made more sound effects. :)

I could make sound effects too! I'm good at grunting noises.

We're getting a Wii when we move to TX and we actually room to make a theatre/gaming room.

Dude, you better practice some more. Everyone's kicking your ass. ;)

I still can't believe I got beat by my wife and Mikey.

I used to be good at games too.

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