Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fargo Street








I rode up Fargo Street (claimed to be the steepest hill in California) with Peter Dragonslayer Munoz. It's a 33% grade hill.

This hill is in the Echo Park/Silver Lake area. There are a few twin streets that are parallel to it like Baxster Street.

The steepest hill in America is in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at 35%. The steepest hill in the world is in New Zealand at 37%. San Francisco's steepest hill is 31.5%

I want to try Eldred Street in Highland Park/Mt. Washington which is rated at 33.3%

Going up Fargo St. was much tougher this year. I must not be in as good shape as last year. My bike needs a lot of work too. My rear derailleur was touching my rear wheel spokes when I put it into the lowest gear.

We didn't do the official LA Wheelman event since I didn't have time on Sunday. We just took a short break to go up there. Then, I went back to work.

It was much easier on my mountain bike which has lower gears to climb steep hills. Even then, I had to zigzag towards the top since it's the steepest at the apex.

I was able to do it last year on my triathlon bike a little bit easier than this time around. I just didn't have the confidence this year for some reason. I must be out of shape and so is my bike.

Peter and I took a few falls. I even fell walking up the hill since my bike cleats had no traction on that steep hill.

The pictures don't do the hill justice. If you want to see how steep it is, you'll just have to go there and try it yourself.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! That looks mighty darn steep!

MTB Man said...

I don't know ... looks pretty nasty to me just from the pictures! :-)