Monday, July 14, 2008

Illegal Midnight Bike Races

I went on a ride that started in Alhambra to Downtown Los Angeles. We went to see some Midnight Ridazz racing on the streets. These guys are pretty good. A lot of them are track racers. The racers pitched in $5 each and the winner takes all. They raced around a predetermined course and had to do 10 laps. It looked like a lot of people showed up to watch the races. The alternative bicycle culture of riding fixed gear bikes without brakes is all the rage right now. I want to get a fixie too, because it really is great training.


Portia said...

I remember you talking about the fixed gear bikes before, but no brakes?! Have fun with that! I would train myself right into somebody I'm sure.

David Kim said...


Well, fixed gear bikers can "back pedal" to slow down. It's not the same as brakes, but it seems to work. It's very hard on your knees and legs stopping that way, because the pedals keep moving with the wheels.