Friday, July 18, 2008

Hit By a Grandma

Yesterday, our Honda Accord got hit by a grandma. We just parked our car on a street, when this grandma pulled behind us to park her car. She hit my car from behind on the rear bumper. The crash sound was loud, but there were only minor scratches on our bumper. I initially got mad, but Sarah must have felt sorry for her and just let it go. She had a white Mercedes M class SUV. My cars and bikes have been getting hit by a lot of other cars recently. It's a dangerous world out there. That's another reason not to get a new car. Your car will be hit or scratched in a matter of no time, especially in L.A. Dang!


abbagirl74 said...

Is she at least going to pay for the damages? I'm sorry, but if "grandma" can afford a Mercedes SUV, she's got good enough insurance. I hope you filed a report.

Portia said...

You're not kidding. In the few months I've been reading your blog, I think you've been hit more than anybody I know. Glad nobody was hurt this time!

David Kim said...


Nah. It was a really minor scratch. We're too kind-hearted to make a big deal out of it. We just let it go.

David Kim said...


I wish I never get hit by anyone ever again. I'm being real careful too. It's just that other people are not.