Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm

I went with Mikey with his schoolmates to Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. There were kids from kindergarten to 8th grade. I chaperoned the kindergarten to 1st graders along with a couple of other parents.

Mikey's friends were Jacob, Timothy, Isaiah, Alexander, and Alden. Even though we had the best chaperone to kid ratio of 2:1 among the school groups there, it was still chaotic trying to get those kids to stay together. They were like little monkeys who wanted to go off in every direction. We had to keep counting them every couple minutes to make sure they were all there.

Since they were little kids, we mostly stayed in the Camp Snoopy area. We didn't go on the really fun roller coasters. I'll have to come back next time to ride those.

Mikey was afraid of the kiddy coasters at first, but he liked them afterwards.

He was also able to win a little stuffed polar bear playing those rip off carnival games. He threw a ping pong ball into a small cup floating on water.

I guess it was a fun day, but I couldn't wait to go back home. Watching over kids is tiring work, especially at an amusement park. When I go try to bring back one kid that has run off to check out something he fancies, another kid goes off to another direction to look at something else. They also wanted to buy everything they saw and play every game too. I had to tell them no all the time, because they quickly ran out of money. I also had to make sure they didn't yell too much or fight with one another. This type of stuff happened all day long.


Portia said...

That place looks like a TON of fun! (For the Mikey & his friends esp.) I can't imagine doing the chaperone thing, and with a whole class. I'd be worn out for's a great thing to do for them though:)

abbagirl74 said...

Whew! I would definitely be tired!

David Kim said...


It was tiring, but fun. Aside from making sure they didn't wander off every few minutes, they were like sweet angels. They were actually pretty good kids most of the time.


Tiring but fun!