Friday, June 20, 2008

Crystal Cave

We had to hike to the Crystal Cave from the parking lot. It takes awhile to even drive to the parking lot, because the road is extremely windy and hilly.

Inside the cave was pretty cool, both literally and figuratively. You can feel the cold air coming out of the cave when you're standing at the entrance. You can experience perfect dark when the tour guide shuts off her flashlight. It's so dark, that I actually "see" imaginary lines of light. It's totally like a maze in there. There are living creatures but they're very small. Some of them are blind or don't have eyes at all. Many of them don't even have any pigmentation. There are underground waterways. I wonder where they would take me if I slid down them like a water ride.

Sarah and I both had a fun time at Sequoia. I want to go camping here again as soon as possible. I still have a ton of other places I want to visit or revisit again too.


Portia said...

Cool cave shots! I've been to Lurray Caverns which are awesome, but always find it a little creepy when they show you how completely dark it is.

David Kim said...


I like spelunking in Caves. It's like a whole different world down there. I definitely would not want to get lost or have my lights go out if I went by myself!