Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snow Day

We tried to go snow sledding, but there wasn't enough snow. We still had fun playing around in the snow. We had to drive up to 7000 feet in order to see some snow. Most of the snow melted after a week. This was Mikey's first time seeing the snow.

Then, we went to my parents' house to have an xmas bbq. Sae Woon and Christine cooked the New York steaks. Nothing like a good bbq steak for xmas.


Portia said...

Well, even if it doesn't come to you at least you can find snow relatively nearby:) I loved the skiless skiing videos. Fun!

David Kim said...

I love playing in snow, but I wouldn't want to live where it snows. I can't imagine having to dig my car out of the snow in the mornings to get to work and deal with all the hassles associated with commuting in snow.