Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Butt Dust

Don't you hate it when you're trying to do #2 and there's all this nasty butt dust on the toilet? I don't know what it is about men's restrooms, but they're totally disgusting. I hope the women's restrooms aren't that gross. Instead of using the urinals to pee, some guys pee all over the toilet and floors. I have to clean it up before I use it. On the toilet seats, I see butt dust, poop in the toilets, poop flakes on the seats, and nasty curly pubic fries. Some guys read newspapers in the bathroom even though prolonged sitting on the toilet can cause hemorrhoids. Some people must be clipping their nails in there too. Others must be pulling out their pubic hairs one by one, because there are so many on the floor. Then they flush the toilets with their shoes. Now, I have to touch the toilet flush after they touched it with their dirty shoes.

I'm not saying I am perfect and poo golden eggs, but at least I try not to make a mess after I do my duty. I need total peace and quiet to do my thing. I can't relax if all these guys keep walking in and out of the restroom and talk to each other and talk on the cell phone while pooping. So please by silent and please clean up after yourselves!


abbagirl74 said...

Where did this post come from? Guck! I WAS eating chocolate chip ice cream, but couldn't stop thinking about all of the butt nuggets swimming in the vanilla pool. Thanks Dave. ;)

Portia said...

LOL! That first line was a real grabber! I can remember getting to middle school only to be totally disappointed that people STILL couldn't flush and be clean and so forth. I use public restrooms as rarely as possible. I'd rather go in the woods.

David Kim said...


Sorry I ruined your appetite. Although some people, believe it or not, drink coffee and eat food, while in the restroom. Gross!


I'm using the bathroom at my office and it's still messy. I have to use the restroom at work because I'm there more than I am at home.